One UI Core 5.1 and the April patch

After the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy A22 is the second Samsung phone to receive the April patch. Yes, the A22 – not the Galaxy S22. In addition, the device immediately receives the One UI Core interface, version 5.1.

Samsung Galaxy A22 update: One UI Core 5.1 and April patch

Galaxy A22 update April 2023: One UI Core 5.1

When we wrote about Samsung’s April update yesterday, we added that the rollout of such patches never happens in a fixed or logical order. We also thought of those times when one of Samsung’s cheapest phones is sometimes one of the very first to receive a new update.

And we have exactly such a case today with the One UI update for the Galaxy A22. Not only does this install One UI Core 5.1 on the device – the brand new patch from April is also on the device after installation. It is the second Samsung phone to receive the update here, after the Galaxy S23 series.

On the A22, the changelist of the more than 1GB update – firmware A226BXXU5DWC1 – is a bit shorter than on devices that have the full One UI interface. In One UI Core 5.1 simply changes a little less.

The new ones are present Battery widgets, and the option to give each mode its own wallpaper. Also on the Weather widget gets tinkered, and multitasking gets easier. This is the complete changelog of the upgrade on the Galaxy A22:

After installing these kinds of major upgrades, you should always keep in mind that your battery will drain a bit faster in the hours or days after the update. After all, the whole system has to optimize itself again. But after some time, the energy consumption should stabilize again on its own.


The update is available at the time of writing at the unbranded Galaxy A22 5G in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can also download it as a branded Vodafone device. The update is not yet available for T-Mobile only. But that will also change in the short term.

If you want to install One UI Core 5.1 on your Galaxy A22, you have two options. Or you are patient and wait for the update to appear on your phone by itself. But you can also work manually via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

Have you installed the update on your A22? Is everything working properly, or are you stumbling upon new bugs?

(Thanks, Richard!)

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