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I’ve been living here for almost 10 months now and I’ve been working for at least that long to make my house a nice place that suits us completely. I’ve already done some big and a lot of small jobs, but there’s still a lot to be done in terms of lamps and window coverings. I was able to cross one of those jobs off the list recently, because I now have beautiful wooden blinds in front of my kitchen window. I’d love to tell you more about it in this blog and of course show you the end result!

A new kitchen

At the end of last year I had a new kitchen installed. Wonderfully practical, finely arranged, off the gas and above all exactly my taste. I’m still so happy with it. What I was a little less happy with until recently were the old curtains hanging in front of the kitchen window. Since the new kitchen they were even more out of place than they already were, so it was high time for something different. For the design I have gained some small kitchen inspiration, especially looking at the style that I like and with which items and colors I can best achieve it.

I came into contact with Veneta and because we have worked well together in the past and I am more than satisfied with their products, we started a new collaboration. Of all the types of window decoration that exist, I have been in love with the wooden blind for ages. I’ve never had them myself, but always when I see them hanging at others I think it’s beautiful and I think it will look fantastic in my kitchen too. So that choice is not that difficult, but not the only one I have to make…


By telephone I schedule a consultation with Michael, an advisor from Veneta who also happens to live in Eindhoven and takes care of this entire region. Michael doesn’t come empty handed, as he carries color samples and even small size blinds so that he can demonstrate live how to operate them and what happens to the light when you tilt them. Such a consultation is free of charge and if you decide to place an order, the adviser will also measure everything accurately for you. After I once ordered a sticker for the window of my door of 13 cm high instead of 130 cm (true story) I don’t dare to measure things myself anymore. That Michael does this for me is very nice!

I’m a bit hesitant between white and black, so I’m glad Michael carries a mini blind of each color. Soon I know: it must be black. My kitchen also has black accents and when it’s dark at night, your window is basically black too. During the day they form a nice accent, at night it looks very quiet. What I didn’t know yet is that you also have to decide whether you want blinds with or without a grain. Michael knows how to advise me well on this. Since I have several wooden furniture in my living room, venetian blinds would be the best fit for this. In terms of slat width, I opt for 63 mm instead of 50 mm. This provides more light and also fits better with a large window. Ordering window decoration is then a piece of cake. Michael enters the correct dimensions and my preferences into the system and the order is placed within a few minutes. You can also do this yourself very easily via the Veneta website.


My order will be delivered approximately three weeks after Michael places my order. Fortunately, my parents are in my house at that time and it will be waiting for me when I get home. The first free weekend after that I go to work with my father to assemble the blinds. By the way, you can have this done by Veneta for a small extra charge, but because it shouldn’t be too difficult, I decide that we can do it ourselves.

And indeed, the assembly is in principle very simple. What turns out to be less easy in my case is drilling the holes for the brackets. Apparently there is a beam of very hard concrete directly above my window that will eventually require a hefty drill. But once the brackets are mounted, you’re almost done. The two of you can click the blinds into the brackets in no time. A wooden strip on the outside then ensures that the cassette and brackets are nicely concealed and the whole looks neatly finished.

The end result

Every morning when I come downstairs and every time I’ve been away and come home I look at it. I think they are so beautiful and fit perfectly with the kitchen. There is now also much more light coming in and that is wonderful. In high summer I may have to close them more often to keep the heat out, but I don’t mind. Cleaning is also very easy, by the way. This is what Michael taught me during the consultation. You make sure that the slats are completely closed and therefore lie flat on top of each other and then you go over them with a duster or slightly damp cloth. Because my blinds hang in the kitchen I will definitely have to clean them once a month, but this way it’s a piece of cake.

Would wooden blinds also fit well in your interior or would you opt for a different form of window decoration?


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