New chapter in soap Van Hooijdonk and Steijn

Saturday evening’s game between Sparta Rotterdam and sc Heerenveen resulted in a reunion between Sydney van Hooijdonk and Maurice Steijn. The attacker and coach worked together at NAC Breda, but certainly did not have a good relationship. That still hasn’t changed.

Statements by Van Hooijdonk and Steijn

His father Pierre van Hooijdonk is also very unhappy about the way Steijn treated his son in the past and often does not hide this. Sparta’s head coach replied to Veronica Offside when asked that he thought Van Hooijdonk Sr. was ‘an asshole’, which continued the argument.

For the sc Heerenveen footballer, it does not matter much, he says. “I don’t care,” he said in front of the cameras ESPN. “To be honest, I am long past it and I am now with Heerenveen, while he is with Sparta. I find it strange that he has made statements on television at, what is the name of that program? Veronica Offside, yes.”

Although Steijn expressed his compliments about Van Hooijdonk’s season prior to the match, he did not want to receive them. “I find that (the statements towards his father, ed.) disrespectful, but Maurice has to know that himself. For the rest I don’t care anymore. I’m doing fine and so is he. I have nothing to do with him anymore.”

Great victory Sparta

The Frisians suffered a heavy defeat against Sparta. The home team won convincingly 4-0, putting it in fifth place in the Eredivisie for the time being. However, FC Twente still has a game to make up for. Sc Heerenveen is in ninth position, but moves to the right row with a win by NEC over Vitesse.

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Who’s right?

  • Van Hooijdonk

  • Stein

  • Neither

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