My sugar daddy turned out to be my stepfather

Of course, when you’re talking to someone online, you never know who’s on the other side of the screen. Chatting with your stepdad when you think you’re talking to a sugar daddy is just too bizarre for words. Yet 26-year-old Laura has experienced this horror story.

sugardaddy turns stepfather chat shocking story

Looking for a sugar daddy

Many girls will have doubted whether they should just find a sugar daddy. Someone who pays for everything for you and gives you presents in exchange for your attention sounds like a good deal right? Laura thought so too and she downloaded an app where you can find a sugardaddy. “It didn’t start out serious at all, I just wanted to see how easy it was to find a sugar daddy.”

To find a sugar daddy on a sugar daddy app is not that hard. But to actually find someone she thought was worth it was more of a challenge. “In the first few weeks, all the conversations I had were really great bore. Some men on that app really didn’t know how to talk to a woman,” Laura says honestly. But in the end she managed to find a nice man on the platform.

Chat for gifts

“His name was Vincent. When we started chatting I immediately noticed that he was very different from the other men on the app. He really showed genuine interest in me and he also respected my limits right away when I told him how far I wanted to go,” said Laura. “He also looked really good. And that while he is really a lot older, there is almost a 25 year difference between us.”

Laura has talked to Vincent almost every day since their first chat. “He always wanted to know what I was doing and what my plans were for the day. When I say this out loud now, it sounds a bit stalkerish, but at the time I really saw it as something sweet.” She said she could always tell him anything. “It just felt super familiar very quickly to talk to him, when I’m on something struggled he always gave me good advice.”

Of course, for all the conversations Laura had with Vincent every day, she also received gifts from him. “I once got a Dior bag from him, I think that was the first time I realized how much money he had.” But it definitely didn’t stop there. “He sometimes just randomly deposited money into my account, I actually didn’t even think it was special anymore at a certain point.”

Something wasn’t right

After a while, Laura’s mother also realized that she was suddenly walking around with more expensive things. “She sometimes asked how I got there, but then I just said that I had earned more than other months and she believed that.” It was not surprising that her mother was not so surprised by this, because she often received gifts from her boyfriend.

“I once talked to my mother about her relationship with her boyfriend, because I don’t live at home anymore so I don’t see him that often, but he is of course just my stepfather.” But when Laura talked about this with her mother, she noticed something special. “I don’t remember exactly what she said, but something just clicked with me. How my mother described how he helped her when she had a problem and the words he said to her to cheer her up, someone had said exactly the same to me.”

You can probably guess, Vincent, Laura’s sugar daddy, had also said this to her. “Of course I wasn’t sure, but somewhere inside I felt something just wasn’t right.” From that moment on, Laura did everything she could to find out if her suspicions were correct. “I just wanted to be sure, so yes, then I finally looked into his phone. When he was in another room for a while, I was able to quickly look between his reports and then I saw it.”

The confrontation

“I almost dropped the phone, I was so shocked. But it really was, I wasn’t talking to Vincent all this time, but to my stepfather!” Laura hesitated for a moment whether she should tell her mother. “I didn’t want to break her heart, but I knew she had to know the truth. I waited for him to go home and then I showed the pictures of the reports.”

“At first she didn’t believe it and mainly wanted to know what I was doing on such an app at all. But when I finally showed my mom all the chats, she realized it too.” Laura’s mother was of course completely in shock, but she decided to do something about it right away. “We invited my stepdad to come over the next evening and then we confronted him.”

Laura and her mother had come up with a plan together to give this man all the karma he deserved. “I saved all our chats so he couldn’t delete them. At first he denied everything. But when we had to show him his phone to prove himself, it quickly became clear that he was behind Vincent’s profile.”

How are you now?

Because he hasn’t really done anything criminal outside of catfishing, it wasn’t really worth reporting, but Laura’s stepfather didn’t know that. “When we literally saw the evidence in front of us, my mother actually got even angrier. She threatened that if he ever contacted me or her, we would go straight to the police and destroy his whole life.”

Since then, they both luckily never saw him again. To ensure that no more girls ever experience this, Laura wanted to share her story. “I hope everyone is now even more careful about chatting online with a stranger. You just never know what for creep is behind it.” And we totally agree!

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