More atmosphere in the bathroom? Helpful Hints!

Do you wish to decorate the bathroom in a more attractive way? Quite right! Bathrooms are often just a neglected child in the interior. That’s a pity, because you can still be found in this room every day. Read on for tips on how to decorate the bathroom in an attractive way.

Bathroom accessories

The easiest way to create atmosphere is to add fun bathroom accessories. From the soap dispenser to the toothbrush holder, from the toilet brush to the towel rack: think about the designs you bring into your home. For example, go for the colorful accessories from HKliving. For example, you can store jewelry in the storage jars, or cotton pads to clean your face with. Give the accessories a place in sight: they can of course be seen.


Bathrobes often immediately catch the eye in the bathroom, as they hang on a hook. Enough reason to choose eye-catching, cheerful bathrobes from Essenza. With a nice floral print on it for example! It’s a joy to put them on.


The towels are also an important part of the bathroom. We often opt for simple towels, for example in white. While there is nothing wrong with it, it does look a bit boring. Towels are available in all colors of the rainbow: why not use them? Choose your favorite color, or combine a few different colors. This immediately makes the bathroom look a lot livelier.

bath mat

The bath mat on the floor can also have a cheerful color. Think green, yellow or red! Although a bath mat with a print or pattern on it is also a perfect choice. However, avoid a too simple copy – there are plenty of nicer options.

Shower curtain

Do you have a shower curtain in the bathroom? Then also explore the world of shower curtain designs. Here too, a world opens up for you. Maybe you have to poke through the childish designs a bit. Unless you like this of course, the choice is entirely yours! In any case, do not be afraid to choose color in the bathroom. And you need a shower curtain like that anyway, so a colorful one is welcome.

Waste paper basket

A wastebasket in a stylish design can certainly be given a place in the bathroom. Exactly, for example again in a cheerful color! It seems like a small detail, but it can definitely add atmosphere.


Do you want to do a somewhat larger renovation in the bathroom? Then you can also take the furniture and sanitary facilities with you! Look for attractive designs. For example, you can let wooden elements play a leading role in the bathroom cabinet and sink. Or go for aged stoneware with a striking look, such as marble or terrazzo. That looks a bit more attractive than basic white-colored porcelain. So everything comes together!

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