‘Mocked’ Veerman: “A bit expected”

Joey Veerman can laugh at the reaction of the FC Volendam supporters. The PSV midfielder missed two great opportunities against his old club and was serenaded in a playful way from the stands.

PSV midfielder can laugh about it

The born and raised Volendammer won 2-3 on Sunday, but failed to score a goal himself. “I had some nice balls, but also two unmissable chances. I could have made the 2-4 and the 2-5”, the self-critical Veerman agrees in front of the camera of ESPN.

The Volendam supporters then sang ‘Joey, thanks’. He could see the humor in it himself. “That was nice. All my friends are here in the stands, so I kind of expected that if I got a big chance. This one is actually not to be missed, I really shouldn’t miss this one.”

Veerman was important with a front assist. Luuk de Jong scored on a pass from Guus Til, who was brought into position by the Volenda player. “He was right in the loop, and he should be.” The front assist at the 0-2 was also credited. “It was really intended for Bakayoko, but it is also nice that Guus is going to walk.”

Will Gakpo make the 0-1 in Leeds?


*Odds are subject to change.

Will he ever return to FC Volendam?

  • Yes I think so

  • No, I do not think so

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