Misses and master’s day – teacher’s day and prom tips

Juffen en Meesterdag is a day on which we put the spotlight on teachers in education. It is a day when parents and students show their appreciation for the efforts and dedication of the teachers. On this day, teachers are often surprised with gifts, cards and other gifts. Parents are happy with their contribution to the development and growth of their children and young people.

Holiday with many birthdays!

On teachers’ and master’s day, all birthdays of the teachers and masters are often celebrated. Yes, we were all spontaneously born on the same day, we sometimes joke. It is therefore a day full of festive activities. Because the teachers and masters also treat that day.

Tips for a successful school party

Organizing a school party for primary school can be a challenging but fun task. And of course you want to spare the teachers as much as possible on teachers’ and master’s day. Think carefully about the timing. When do you celebrate this day? Many schools do this at the end of the year. Just in the weeks of school trips, four-day walks and school football tournaments. Other schools do this on Teacher’s Day on October 5.

  1. Start planning teachers’ and master’s day well in advance. This way you have enough time to prepare everything properly.
  2. Set a budget in advance and make sure you stay within it. This way you can be sure that you are not spending too much money and that you keep costs under control. This is a great task for the administration and management of the primary school.
  3. Put together a team of parents and support staff who can help you organize the party. This way you divide the work and everyone can use his or her expertise.
  4. Make a clear schedule for teachers and master’s day. Make sure you have all the activities, food and drinks, decorations and other important things planned out.
  5. Make sure you have enough volunteers to help with the party. This way you can divide the tasks and everything runs smoothly. For example, also think of the lunchtime workers who might be able to lend a hand!
  6. Discuss the budget within your team and with the director. Has a budget been reserved for the day? For example from the voluntary parental contribution? Or are you supposed to treat your class yourself? It is wise to keep a fixed amount and not to add everything yourself, otherwise you will get inequality within the school.
  7. Make it manageable for parents. Don’t make too specific requirements for dressing up or bringing things with you, keep it feasible for everyone.
teacher's day teacher
Photo by Yan Krukau: via pexels

Tip to involve children in Misses and Master’s Day

  1. Give children a role in the organization. For example, let the children’s council or a party committee think along with the adults. After all, they are their teachers and masters!
  2. For example, let the children provide ideas for the activities or help them make the decorations.
  3. Give older children a role in the organization. Group 8 is often no longer waiting for a princess party, but if they are supervisors of a game or are allowed to take care of the catering, they are. Then you also need less parental help!
  4. Decorate the venue with the help of children. Think of balloons, streamers and other festive decorations. This way you create a festive atmosphere.
bouquet of flowers gift for teachers and masters
Photo by Min An: via pexels

Gifts to the teachers

  1. Give the teachers’ classrooms a makeover. For example, help with hanging nice posters, crafting decorations or planting new plants. That can of course also be in the schoolyard!
  2. Make special gift baskets with items that teachers like. For example, think of their favorite tea, snacks, books, notebooks and pens.
  3. Have the students write thank-you notes for their teachers and bundle them in a special booklet to give to the teachers.
  4. Have students create a video expressing their gratitude and appreciation to their teachers. This can be a personal and emotional gesture.
  5. Have all children bring a flower or beautiful branch from their own garden. Have someone bundle them into a beautiful bouquet in the morning. Small effort and cost, and a fantastic surprise!

Activities for a successful teachers and master’s day

If you offer different things, make sure that children get a stamp card. They get a stamp for every activity they do. This way you have a natural progression at the fries stand, grab bag, silent disco and air cushions!

teachers and master's day teacher's day bouncy castle
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Outdoor activities day of the teacher

  1. Did you just do a school-wide theme? Or maybe by construction? Things where children can dress up always score well! For example, think of superheroes (that are teachers after all) or Middle Ages (with knights and princesses).
  2. Give the teachers the opportunity to relax and be pampered with, for example, a massage, manicure, pedicure or facial. Of course the students help with painting nails!
  3. Give children the opportunity to teach teachers something they are good at. For example, let children share their favorite hobby or talent, such as drawing, singing, or dancing.
  4. Organize a sports day or yoga class or other sporting activity to help the teachers relax and reduce their stress. Ask the students to share ideas and suggestions.
  5. Plan a fun excursion or outing, for example a picnic in the park or a joint walk. This gives teachers and masters the chance to relax and enjoy time outside the classroom. Add a fun scavenger hunt to this!
  6. Organize a surprise party with the whole class or even the whole school to thank the teachers. For example, make a nice banner, provide snacks and drinks and plan fun activities.
  7. Arrange air cushions and other fun play materials that the children can play with per class.
silent disco indoor activity teachers and teacher's day master's day
Image by dittberner from Pixabay

School party indoor activities:

  1. A silent disco in the gaming room! Everyone enjoys the music and the teacher enjoys it in silence! What a wonderful gift for teachers and master’s day!
  2. If the weather is really bad, you can always put on a nice movie in the classroom with popcorn and lemonade! Put on a different movie in multiple classes and let children choose where they want to sit.
  3. In other classes you organize games or children are allowed to bring their own games.
  4. If you have many children at school who get overstimulated, you can also set up a quiet room where they can meditate, do yoga or read a book. Guess 3 times in which room the teacher would prefer to sit?
  5. Have children make a quiz about the teachers. Who knows them best? For example through Kahoot.
  6. Have children guess how old the teachers and masters are. In order from young to old, for example
  7. Organize a make-up opportunity. This saves face painting at home and everyone has the opportunity to do this. This way you create equal opportunities for every child.
teachers and master's day teacher's day
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Food and drinks on teachers’ day and master’s day

  1. Hire a poffertjes stall or fries stall that prepares a tasty meal for all children!
  2. Give teachers and masters a morning surprise with a nice breakfast in bed. Make your own breakfast basket or have one delivered. Of course they have to come to school in their pajamas!
  3. Organize a special lunch or dinner for the teachers, where you treat them to their favorite dishes and drinks made by the children and their parents.
  4. Provide healthy snacks. Salted popcorn, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, fruit, rice cakes, breadsticks.
  5. Be mindful of children with allergies. Make sure they are clearly visible and that there are also good alternatives for the treat. Discuss this with the child or the parents, because it is nice that when you buy an (often expensive) alternative that this is also liked. You can also ask if parents want to buy something tasty and reimburse it, then you can be sure that you are doing the child a favor.
teachers and master's day teacher's day

Treats from teachers and masters for the children

Not mandatory but always nice to give a little something to your class. At sites such as Lobbes and HEMA you can always find nice treats for a small amount. Bubble blowing, sidewalk chalk and patience games always work well!
For example, put a ribbon with a personal thank you text from the 64 box of Crayola sidewalk chalk. Now on offer for only 16 euros for 64 pieces!

Of course you can also make a grab bag for the surprise effect. Children soon enough realize what’s in it and what shape it has!

Hopefully these ideas will give you inspiration for a great Misses and Masters Day!

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