‘May we still experience this! A positive leading role at Ajax’

Kenneth Perez is stunned by the performance of Jorge Sánchez in the first half of the match against FC Emmen. Ajax leads 2-0 at halftime thanks to goals from Sánchez and Steven Bergwijn; the assist came from the Mexican right back for the second goal.

“That we will experience this. That Sánchez plays a leading role in a positive sense!”, Perez said during the break of the match. Co-analyst Kees Luijckx responded: “We can continue to piss him off all season, but it is not easy to come to a club where things are not running at all. Sometimes you need these kinds of games.”

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However, Perez indicated that Sánchez simply did not play well this season. “He’s not good. Bullying, well… It’s just naming what you see as a football fan and football interpreter. I think it’s good that he chooses Bergwijn at the 2-0 and not Taylor, despite the fact that Bergwijn was the second station.”

Luijckx did make a comment in Sánchez’s favour. “Ajax also has to ask itself why no defender comes out well this season. He still has that benefit of the doubt for me.”

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