Maxim De Cuyper says whether or not the ball crossed the line

Turmoil in Westerlo-Club Bruges. Blauwzwart claimed a goal, but the VAR ruled that the ball hadn’t crossed the line.

Ferran Jutgla seemed to decide the duel between Westerlo and Club Brugge, but Maxim De Cuyper swept the ball out of goal. Was he completely over the line? The VAR ruled that it was not. It was the linesman who saw a goal in that phase. “I was surprised that he said it was a goal,” De Cuyper told Gazet van Antwerpen.

“Everyone can make a mistake, but if you are not sure, then you should not indicate that it is a goal. In my opinion, the ball was definitely not over the line. Fortunately, the VAR has confirmed that. A rescue like that doesn’t feel any different to me against Club than against any other team.”

Westerlo got away well with a point against Club Brugge, although it could also count on a strong goalkeeper Sinan Bolat. “We had to undergo the match and can be happy with a point. As a team we didn’t get out enough today”, concludes De Cuyper.

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