Marble plateau from Action costs less than € 6 and is hot on TikTok

The charm of marble will never ever go over. This interior trend is something that will not go out of fashion for a long time. It’s always a party when we do cheap, but find beautiful marble items. And, the Action has us in it again injured.

marble plateau action

Marble is here to stay

It is already more than clear that the interior trend marble will not go out of fashion for the time being. Marble is here to stay, and we are very happy with that! Mainly the smaller marble interior items give your home a very beautiful and luxurious look touch. Subtle, but striking. Exactly what every interior freak loves.

Our hearts stopped for a moment when we saw this amazing marble plateau from Action. The plateau comes in the colors brown, white and black. Which means that this plateau can be combined well with everything. Use it as a base for your fruit basket, put it on your bedside table and style it with your most beautiful jewelry or use it as a platform for your pillar candles, as the Action suggests. A multifunctional shelf, ideal for every room in your house!

Marble plateau

You cannot deny that the marble plateau is beautiful. But what makes us run to the Action is the price that comes with it. The platter is only € 5.79. Just available for a cheap price! It is therefore not surprising that the whole of TikTok is crazy about this home accessory.

On TikTok, many people share how they styled this platter, if you really don’t know what to do with it (but you still want to have it at home). We’d say run to the Action before it’s out of stock.

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