Mango wood travels this road before it reaches your home

Mango wood is a beautiful wood that is becoming increasingly popular and is used to make all kinds of furniture, from a mango wood oval table for large groups to cabinets and sideboards that create extra storage space. But what is the life cycle of a mango wood piece of furniture before it is in your living room? Have you ever thought about that? After reading this blog you will be fully informed.

Being born in tropical India

It all starts in faraway India, where the mango trees love the tropical climate. The mango trees are grown there because of the red-yellow colored fruit that comes from them, but after about fifteen years the trees are no longer productive enough and they are cut down. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean the end for the tree. The wood is given a second life thanks to the furniture industry. The wood is therefore transported to various furniture factories to turn it into real masterpieces. Are you concerned about the planet? Then mango wood is a responsible choice. In addition, we only work with certified producers who ensure responsible forest management and sustainable production.

Sanding and varnishing

Once the mango trees have been felled, the wood is transported to the factory where it is dried again and inspected for color and quality. The planks are then planed and treated with stain or oil to protect them against stains and damage. Tough metal details are also added to give the furniture a unique look.

Final destination

Once the furniture is ready, it is loaded into containers and transported to various warehouses in the Netherlands. From there, the furniture is then distributed and various Dutch households are provided with beautiful mango wood furniture. So if you are looking for a beautiful mango wood dining table with, for example, a Danish oval top, a sideboard or a bookcase, you now know that the furniture has traveled the necessary kilometers before it reaches your home. Mango wood is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also incredibly stylish and timeless. Which piece of furniture will soon arrive in your house?

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