Making money online: a passive income

If you read my article “Make money online, how do you do it?” parts of this new article may be familiar to you. In this second article about making money online, I have supplemented the first version, mainly with even more ways to generate passive income. With a passive income you earn money without having to do anything all the time, and you have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Do you have $7 to invest to learn more about making money online? Then buy my Online Money Making Guide and you will earn back that € 7 in no time!

affiliate marketing

I’ll start right away with one of my favorites; affiliate links. An affiliate link is a special and personal link to a website or product, if something is purchased through that link; do you get commission. Some large companies have their own affiliate program, but there are also a number of large networks that you can turn to. If you want to know if a specific brand has an affiliate program, the best thing to do is Google ¨”affiliate brand X¨”. I personally use the following networks:

You can place the links you make with these programs in an article, for example, but also at other locations and that’s where it gets interesting. You can add your links to pins on Pinterest, so you have a chance that your link will be quickly spreads over the internet and there is therefore a greater chance that something will be bought via your link. If you have a swipe-up function on Instagram, you can also add links to it, useful for example if you get a lot of questions about where you bought product X. Followers can easily find your product and you may also earn some money from it. Always mention that it is an affiliate link, of course. A huge recommendation is to join LinkPizza. They are affiliated with many affiliate networks and with a plug-in on your site, links are automatically converted into an affiliate link. You will also find various campaigns on LinkPizza that you can pitch on, so it is definitely worth joining.

Write texts

If you are somewhat handy with pen and paper, or typing, writing texts is an easy way to earn money. There are various networks you can join (also without Chamber of Commerce) and where you can choose from various assignments. For example, Textbroker has many different categories. The texts don’t make a lot of money, but if you type a bit easily, you can easily get to € 10-€ 15 per hour.

Create an online course or e-book

If you know a lot about a certain subject, you can make an online course or e-book about it. These courses and e-books usually sell very well, especially when they are about making money online and growing with Instagram, for example. Then why am I sharing this info here for free? I like making knowledge accessible for free. Do you want personal guidance or a lot of information about a specific subject? Then you will find various paid products in my shop.


Via this website/app you can register with various brands such as Onepiece and Ideal Of Sweden. By completing missions you earn money, gift cards or products. Missions differ from liking a photo to posting yourself. You can create a discount code and if it is used, you will receive a commission. I think this is a very pleasant app that usually takes me an hour a week and earns quite a bit of commission. If you want to register, do so via this link. Then I get a small bonus, and you don’t have to go on the waiting list.

Start an Etsy Shop

I once had a shop on Etsy that sold logos and other digital products. If you can make something yourself, digitally or physically, you can make quite a bit of money doing it on Etsy.


Euroclix is ​​one of the many online savings programs. You simply earn money at these sites by reading an email, clicking and with all your online purchases. There are really a lot of webshops affiliated with Euroclix, and if you click through them, you get clix per purchase or per euro spent. You can later exchange this clix for money, the longer you save, the more they are worth. If you get used to going to Euroclix for all your online purchases, this will yield quite a bit, depending on your purchasing behaviour. If you register with Euroclix via this link, I will also receive extra clix!

Sell ​​your photos

If you take some nice, high-quality photos, there are countless websites and apps where you can sell them, including Shutterstock.

Blogging and social media

You can of course also earn money with blogging and social media, although those methods are now fairly obvious (I think). What you might still find useful are networks through which you can score assignments, I use the following the most:

Other tips for making money online

All these methods in themselves, with exceptions, do not provide you with a monthly salary, but all together it can add up nicely, especially with affiliate marketing. If I want to recommend one thing from this article about making money online, it is that. For example, you can supplement your older articles (if you have a site) with affiliate links. It takes a while, but the links remain valid, so especially if a post is shared, it can go fast. As far as advertisements are concerned, I advise you to choose advertorials and banners that really suit you. They often work better than less suitable ones that may yield more in terms of commission. In terms of blogging, I can still recommend that you focus on SEO. If you are found better, your links may also be used more often. Further; always mention that it is a collaboration/advertisement/affiliate link, and provide a clear page about collaboration.

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