‘Love is Blind’: This happened in the reunion that hardly anyone got to see

Tonight is the live reunion of the fourth season of Love is Blind place. Normally fans all over the world could have followed the final live, but that went completely wrong. Anyone who tried to watch the live stream only saw an error message. But some journalists were able to watch the full reunion and shared their spoilers.

Love is Blind came out with a first this year. For the first time, the reunion of the series would take place live. But that didn’t quite go as planned. Some journalists from Decider could follow the reunion live and that is why we can already give some spoilers before the reunion appears on Netflix tonight at 9 p.m.

Who’s still together?

In the last episode of the fourth season of Love is Blind we got to see how four couples made it to their wedding day. Three of them, Chelsea & Kwame, Tiffany & Brett and Bliss & Zack, actually tied the knot and continued as husband and wife. But how many of those three are still together?

The recordings of the fourth season of Love is Blind took place in the spring of 2022. That means that the couples have been married for almost a year now. In the reunion, we come to know that all three married couples are still happily together 11 months after their wedding.

Tiffany and Brett

Let’s start with it drama free fourth season couple: Tiffany and Brett. Only Brett’s pants threw a spanner in the works on their wedding day, but otherwise they had an almost flawless track. So it comes as no surprise that they are still happy together. They are already thinking about children, but first want to travel together with the two of them and see more of the world.

Chelsea and Kwame

A second couple that is still together after eleven months is Chelsea and Kwame. They had a slightly more difficult course, but in the end opted fully for each other. Still, viewers’ reactions were divided. Saying ‘yes’ was completely worth it and Kwame challenges me to be better. Kwame adds that people “only got to see 1 percent of their relationship and it’s what they went through together that makes them strong.”

Kwame also clears up a misunderstanding. There was a theory on TikTok that Barbara, who appeared in the series as Kwame’s sister, was actually just an actress. But Kwame firmly denies this: “Barbara was not an actress. She’s just such a good sister. Barbara has been my best friend all my life. Kwame also tells that he was also ready to reject Micah in the pods. He had also written down his text. But in the end he didn’t have to use this because Micah beat him to it.

Bliss and Zack

The third and final married couple is Bliss and Zack. They let it be known that Zack has become the best friend of Shah, Bliss’s father. My dad will also pay for our honeymoon. But of course it wasn’t always so positive with Bliss and Zack. Thus, of course, Zack chose Irina in the first place.


Irina is also present at the reunion, so the love triangle with Zack and Bliss also extensively covered. “It was hard to see someone so wonderful treated so badly,” Bliss said of Irina’s behavior during her honeymoon in Mexico. According to Zack, Irina never took their relationship seriously and only participated to get known. Irina denies this and says they “just weren’t made for each other”. But, she adds, “I still think he was the best guy I met on the show.” Zack says that Irina has hurt him and many other people, but that he forgives her. “There are so many people who want to attack the contestants, but it is already a huge punishment that the world gets to see you at your worst moment. I forgive you 100 percent. You will become a great person someday. I forgive you and I hope the world will too.”

Irina also explains why she put a pillow on her face when Zack wanted to start a serious conversation. She claims that she had a panic attack and did not want it to be seen that she was crying. But then a striking story emerges. For example, Irina would have sent a DM to Bliss with the message: “You dodged a bullet“, because Zack hadn’t chosen her. At the exact same time, Zack also received a DM from Irina saying she hoped he and Bliss could start something. Irina admits that she went too far. “Nothing I did was okay.”

At the beginning of the season, Irina and Micah were best friends, but that changed when Irina started flirting with Paul in Mexico. “I think we both treated our partners and the other people there with little respect. All we both can do is face this and do our best in the future. The fact that we were such good friends made it harder and blinded me. I questioned things about my relationship with Paul and that hurt me the most.

Micah and Paul

Then it’s the turn of the others mean girl, Micah. She and Paul reached the final episode, where he answered “no”. That didn’t mean the end of their relationship, though. They gave each other another chance, but shortly after the recordings they finally separated. Zack says that he had spoken to Paul on the day of his “no word”. “Paul was 100 percent genuinely in love with Micah, but he didn’t feel confident enough to make the decision that would affect their entire lives.” He also emphasizes that Paul had thought deeply about this.

Micah is then asked if she thinks she would still be with Paul if they both said yes. Micah was planning to say yes, but didn’t want to risk Paul saying yes so as not to hurt her feelings. “I didn’t want to spend my whole life asking him to just say yes so as not to humiliate me. I wanted to make sure he chose himself and the only way to make sure of that was to let him decide first.” Paul does confirm afterwards that he would have said “no” anyway, regardless of Micah’s answer.

A fragment of just after Micah and Paul’s non-marriage has been circulating on TikTok for several days now. In doing so, he walks past one of Micah’s bridesmaids and appears to be slapping her on the behind. Paul denies this and says the allegations are absurd.

Feel free to judge for yourself:


Shelby, one of Micah’s best friends, is also featured in the reunion. In addition, Micah says that Shelby often says things louder than she means. “She didn’t want my marriage to fail, that’s why she reacted like that. When they first met Paul, my friends asked what he thinks was great about me and he said, “I don’t know.” I knew he loved me but many doubts came because it didn’t seem to come naturally. Shelby feared that the marriage would fail.”

Just then, Zack lashes out at Micah. “I feel like she never planned to marry Paul. You never defended Paul in that interaction with Shelby.” Micah also reacts defensively to this. “Were you there? I’m not here to attack Paul. I’m here because I feel hurt and I want answers.”

Marshall, Jackie and Josh

Last but not least Of course there was also attention for the other love triangle of the fourth season of Love is Blind, the one with Marshall, Jackie and Josh. Marshall attended the reunion but Jackie and Josh sent their cat. They had already had a conversation with Vanessa before the recording. It shows that Jackie and Josh are still together and even live together and have a dog and a fish together. Jackie also emphasizes that the date with Josh at the coffee shop took place after she ended her relationship with Marshall. She also says that she has grown a lot through the adventure and is a different person than she was during the recordings. Something Marshall obviously didn’t fully agree with.

Finally, the ring is also quoted. Jackie refused to return her engagement ring to Marshall. “I wanted the ring back because it was a symbol of my love. We chose these rings. I felt she didn’t deserve to have that symbol of my love. I certainly didn’t want to propose to someone else.” Marshall did go on one date with Kacia after his breakup with Jackie, whom he also met in the pods. But that was it. Marshall decides he doesn’t want more drama surrounding the situation. “Let’s move on. Jackie and Josh are happy and I’m happy.”

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