Lifestyle update #8 | New round, new opportunities

“Hey Karin, you were busy with your lifestyle, weren’t you?”. Shame on me, because after my look back at the lifestyle change goals of 2022, it remained silent again. Time for an update on the current state of affairs and the plan of action, haha. Are you reading along?

So no sense

My lifestyle change goals and me: it’s still a thing. The struggle is real and last months the motivation was just gone. Take a couch, a blanket and Netflix, you put me on it and well, that’s about it. I didn’t feel like it and that’s what life does to you sometimes. A lot happened, there were a lot of worries and where some people eat little and lose weight due to the stress, I just start snacking and get bogged down in inactive behavior. All the built-up walking routines went like, hoppa, into the trash and I just couldn’t pull myself together to turn that tide. It’s not that I never walked at all, but there was no rhythm to it and any excuse sounded fine to stay home. Add to that eighty-four viruses and a sinus infection plus the holiday treats and the fact that during the week I opted for a stroopwafel more often than a slice of banana bread and you understand: this escalated completely out of hand people. Winter, the blues, no sense, I or the kids are not fit again, just bluh. ‘Come again’, I thought and it was. Because suddenly there was spring, the sun, energy and motivation. Time to pick up the thread again!

Lifestyle update #8 New round, new opportunities - Mama's Girl blog

Miracle Morning: #fail

In March I started to feel the energy again: spring is coming! That gives me new energy again so I felt the motivation to go for a walk again. And looked at all those nice spring clothes in my closet that were starting to feel a bit cramped now. Especially my pants didn’t fit nicely anymore and I didn’t want it that way anymore. The aches, pelvic complaints and headaches were also abundantly present again, only one thing helps against that: muscle strength and core build up! I last took my size in September 2022 and when I did it again last weekend I saw that everything had gained a few centimeters since then. A logical consequence of my own choices, but secretly it was even ‘worse’ two months ago, because I’ve been busy picking up a new exercise routine for almost a month now. On March 1, I shared via Instagram that I planned to set the alarm early from now on and then be able to cross exercise off my list first. Fantastic plan, execution: a little less… Haha, I don’t know what I was thinking but the morning is not my time to peak. No, this plan is already in the trash because respect, for those who can and persevere, but I’m not a morning person! The fact is of course that I do want to get rid of those pains and if possible also something shine wants to pack in my summer clothes, so something had to be done. I know myself: from setting goals that are not workable in the long term, I get bogged down again and I had to prevent that this time. And so I decided that I want to take good care of myself and myself a little every day self care gun. Taking care of myself in the form of half an hour of exercise every day. And so I did!

Half an hour of exercise a day

In recent weeks I have taken quite a few walks, the spring weather is also perfect for that. podcast in my ears and go! On rainy days I did a workout on the SmartBike: one time a spinning lesson, the other time cycling at a leisurely pace (especially on days when my pelvis played up). Of course I would like to keep this up, but notice that my abs have to work hard for it. And then I feel that back in my lower back. This morning the physio gave me a tape on my lower back for a little more support. In terms of nutrition, I now really know what to do, try to fall back on Lazy Fitgirl and plan the moments of enjoyment more consciously. What really helps me is to have Skyr’s single packs on hand for the evenings. Especially the vanilla and toffee are my favorite when I really feel like sweets (especially during the monthly party). When I’m hungry I reach for the paprika corn waffles, works well for me this way! And now: hold on! I hereby solemnly promise that next month, so mid-May, I will post another update to let you know how it went. And go on!

New round, new opportunities! Do you ever have such a dip during your lifestyle change goals? And how do you find the motivation again or better: how do you hold on to it? I’d love to read your response in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram!

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