Legalization of the e-step? Ziggo is already setting a good example!

Legalization of the electric scooter in the Netherlands is increasingly in the air. It is an important step in that normalize e-steps in the streets and embrace them. That is of course difficult, as long as the steps are prohibited. But Ziggo is already setting a good example: their mechanics will now drive the last kilometers on electric scooters. This is reported by RTL News.

A nice step for steps, because it must also be said: that legalization has been in the air for too long. It’s time for him to land. We hope that the embrace of these scooters by a large company can contribute to this.

What about that illegality?

A quick refresher: why are e-steps banned in the Netherlands again? And what about the use by Ziggo technicians?

Electric steps are seen in the Netherlands as special mopeds, which means that each model must be individually inspected. This also separates them from electric bicycles, which do not have this limitation.

The big difference is in the type of drive that is offered. An electric bicycle only offers support when you are pedaling yourself. An electric step provides electric propulsion, even when the user stands still on the board.

An electric scooter with pedal assistance, which switches off when the user is not actively pedaling, therefore offers a solution. The same rules apply as for electric bicycles. And that is also the type of scooter that Ziggo mechanics will use.

Is this really going to change anything?

Of course we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, but it seems obvious that legalizing e-steps will happen one day. The scooters can clearly no longer be kept out of the streets. For many people, it is an ideal (and environmentally friendly) addition to the daily commute, making it easier to travel on public transport.

Moreover, it gives room to draw up targeted regulations for e-steps. Just like any new vehicle, it must of course find a place in everyday road use, but laws and regulations are essential in this.

As far as we are concerned, Ziggo’s choice is in any case one to be applauded, and moreover a logical one. It will save mechanics time traveling to their daily addresses. Moreover, it is a practical solution for the zero-emission zones that are being set up in more and more cities.

And the mechanics? They seem to like it too.

It’s good for the environment and it saves me a lot of time. I often spend longer in the city looking for a parking space than solving malfunctions. And now I get fresh air on my scooter too.

Ziggo mechanic Daniel Hamersma against RTL

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