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Explanation process of creation

The national youth competition is being introduced to boost badminton for youth. A decline in the number of teams has been observed in several regions in recent years. This observation turned a mill. It started with an analysis of the different forms of competition organized in the regions. We have listed all the characteristics and various forms of competition have been worked out. These different competition formats have been merged into one competition format. The research results of the Mulier Institute were also used in the revision of the competition. The research focused on the question of how to increase the enjoyment of sports among young people (see the document ‘Reform youth competition, through fun to growth!’).

This set-up has been submitted to the RCW and LCW. They were positive but did provide a few points to think about. Subsequently, a youth competition team was set up and we organized three association meetings. Feedback has been received from the association meetings and the youth competition team about the competition design. Based on this feedback, we’ve made a few more changes. The Q&A (see the document ‘Q&A Youth Competition’) lists all questions asked by associations, along with the answers and the changes that have been made.

Click here for the set-up of the new national youth competition.

Deadlines/Timeline Youth Competition

Phase 1 registration and publication:

  • 1. No later than 10 April: registrations open
  • 2. May 1: Deadline to register
  • 3. Mid-June: draft classification by association

    • a. 10 days to respond
    • b. Comments are processed

  • 4. End of July: final classification on
  • 5. Enter players on 10 days before the start of the competition (September 1)


To help associations with the approach of the new competition house, we have written a handbook (see the document ‘Handbook youth competition’). It explains step by step how to do this. In addition, all questions about the new national youth competition can be e-mailed to youth [email protected].

We would like to thank everyone who helped realize the new youth competition for their help and feedback. Now the setup for the national youth competition is final and ready to be rolled out. Together with everyone involved, we will make it a success!

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