Komoot makes it easy to send your route to your Garmin device

More and more road cyclists and gravel bikers are using Komoot. It is a user-friendly app to discover routes in well-known and lesser-known destinations. You can also build your own routes with it. The Komoot app is suitable for navigating these routes, but not everyone wants to tour around with a smartphone on the wheel.

Send to device

Thanks to the new function in the Komoot app, it has now become a lot easier to send the selected or self-assembled route to your Garmin cycling computer or smartwatch. What you need is a suitable Garmin device on which you can download the Komoot Connect IQ app. In addition, you must be able to connect to the internet.

The new feature works simply. You click on ‘send to device’ and select your Garmin. A pop-up will then appear on your device’s screen asking you to open your Komoot app. After confirmation, the route is loaded. For a step-by-step explanation, see the video below.

Adjust your route along the way

The sports enthusiasts with a smartwatch from Garmin benefit from an extra functionality: the possibility to adjust routes via the Komoot app, even while navigating. The navigation function continues to operate without any route interruption. If you decide on the way to take an extra detour or to shorten the round, this can be done very quickly and easily.

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