Komljenovic is going to run like hell for ADO

Sacha Komljenovic (19) made minutes in the first of ADO Den Haag in the exhibition game with Jong FC Utrecht (1-3) on Thursday for the first time since September and scored immediately.

How did it feel to finally make minutes again in ADO’s first and also score immediately?
Sacha Komljenovic: ,,Great. The result was not good, but personally it was a successful match. I’ve worked hard for this over the past few months and lived towards it. It also feels like I can really put the injury behind me now.”

What have you been struggling with in the past few months?
,,At the beginning of September I tore the posterior cruciate ligament of my left knee in an ADO under 21 match. Fortunately, I didn’t need surgery, but I knew right away that the rehabilitation would take about five months. I rehabilitated externally because I didn’t want to run into teammates asking how I was doing. Fortunately, I was back on the field after four and a half months.”

Your injury must have been frustrating. Last season you broke through and scored twice in the play-offs. You couldn’t continue that line.
“That was also frustrating. I had just finished my first year in professional football well and set goals for this season. They could go in the trash in one fell swoop. There have been quite a few times when I was angry about the situation. Still, I tried to convert that into energy. I deliberately entered the gym. There I always challenged myself to set a record.”

Giovanni Franken said after your goal against NAC in the play-offs that the whole of The Hague was a bit in love with Komljenovic. Do you hope that the supporters fall in love with you again this season?
“Hey, that would be nice. I want to perform as well as possible for the ADO audience anyway. As a footballer you play for the people who watch you and pay money for a ticket. I can promise to run and play for ADO. If the coach needs me, I’m there.”

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