King Charles gets special emoji for his coronation

From a generous guest list to a perfectly mapped out route to Westminster Abbey: everything is thought of during the coronation of King Charles on 6 May. In fact, a real emoji has even been created for the coronation.


Royals old fashioned? no! Charles and Camilla are also on Instagram or Twitter these days. The royals have their own social media channels, on which an important update is regularly shared. For example, we can keep a close eye on Twitter on how the preparations for the coronation are progressing. More details are being revealed by the day and an emoji for the coronation has now even been created.


King Charles can now tweet like crazy, because he has his own coronation emoji. It is a picture of the crown of Saint Edward, or the crown that the king will wear during the ceremony. The emoji pops up on Twitter when you use certain hashtags. For example, the hashtags #Coronation, #CoronationConcert and #CoronationWeekend.

“A special coronation emoji went live today! The emoji, based on the crown of St. Edward, appears when one of the following hashtags is used…,” the royals tweeted last Sunday.

Last year, at the platinum jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth, a special emoji was also launched. Back then in the form of a corgi. The new crown emoji can only be used on Twitter.

Source: | Image: NL Image, Twitter

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