It’s almost King’s Day! This is how you prepare well

In about a month it will be that time again: King’s Day! To fully enjoy this national holiday, it is useful to prepare well. This is how you make it an unforgettable day for yourself and your children. Below are a number of useful tips that you can use in the near future.

1. Remove the flagstick from the shed

Is the flagpole also hidden somewhere in the back of the shed? Then get it out well in advance. In the unlikely event that the stick is broken, you still have time to buy a new one. You can immediately check whether the flagpole holder is ready for use. Sometimes dirt remains in the holder, making it difficult to insert the stick. Therefore, clean it in time to prevent stress on King’s Day.

2. Don’t forget the orange pennant

Almost everyone has a Dutch flag at home. But what about the orange pennant? During King’s Day, the flags are hung with a pennant. This also applies to the birthday of Queen Máxima, Princess Amalia and Princess Beatrix. So don’t forget to get the orange pennant from the attic or order one quickly.

3. Check out where the flea markets are

What could be more fun than strolling around a flea market? Look up in advance where the best flea markets are this year. There may also be other activities for the children. Do the kids want to be at the flea market with a dress? Then it is necessary to reserve a place. Don’t wait too long, because the spots are quickly forgiven!

In about a month it will be that time again: King's Day!  To enjoy this national holiday to the fullest, here are our tips!

4. Buy tickets for your favorite event

Do you want to enjoy a nice party or a concert on King’s Day? Then buy the tickets as soon as possible. On such a national holiday, tickets for all events fly out the door.

5. Put together your King’s Day outfit

Once you know what you’re going to do on King’s Day, you can already think about the outfit. Dive into the shops or find a sustainable outfit in a thrift store. Also fun to do with the kids!

6. Buy orange King’s Day decoration

Orange decoration should of course not be missing. This month, the decoration for King’s Day will slowly return to the shops. You can hang up red, white, blue and orange flags a few days earlier. That makes the street extra cozy. Prefer to keep it simple? Then buy a nice bunch of orange flowers for the table.

How do you prepare yourself for King’s Day?

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