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Does spaghetti carbonara contain cheese?

Spaghetti carbonara contains cheese. The right cheese for this dish is Pecorino romano. This is a salty Italian sheep cheese. In addition to this cheese, guanciale, fresh eggs and black pepper are the other ingredients of carbonara sauce.

Now that you know there’s cheese in spaghetti carbonara, let’s tell you more about what kind of cheese and where to get it.

What kind of cheese in spaghetti carbonara?

The cheese originally used for spaghetti carbonara is pecorino romano. This is a cheese made from sheep’s milk, with a spicy, salty taste. Many people think that spaghetti carbonara is made with Parmesan cheese. This is not the case, despite Parmesan being a popular choice as an ingredient in this dish as well.

Another reason that parmesan cheese is often used for spaghetti carbonara is the fact that it is much easier to purchase. You can find parmesan cheese in almost any supermarket or cheese shop.

Pecorino romano, on the other hand, is a bit harder to find. It is often available at the better cheese shops, but you have to put in more effort.

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Spaghetti carbonara without cheese

Can dishes also be made without cheese? In Italy they shouldn’t think about it, spaghetti carbonara without cheese. Don’t get it into your head to adapt authentic Italian dishes. This is like swearing in church for many Italians.

Fortunately, here in the Netherlands we are less difficult about it. And why bother about it. The great thing about pasta dish is that you can combine it endlessly and, above all, experiment. So don’t be limited and make what you like.

We’ve already seen a lot of versions of spaghetti carbonara. Many people like to experiment and add new ingredients. Or in this case, omit it. Because spaghetti carbonara already contains so few ingredients, there is not much left without the cheese.

But long story short, spaghetti carbonara can be made without cheese.

Cheese alternatives

Yet it is possible to make spaghetti carbonara without cheese. For example, use (vegetable) crème fraiche or some cream. We can no longer officially call it spaghetti carbonara, but it must be tasty. Make the dish the way you like it best. We choose to use the authentic carbonara recipes.

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Ready-made sauces

What about the sauces you buy in the supermarket? Does it actually contain cheese? When we look at the easy packs and bags of ‘carbonara pasta sauce’ that you can buy in the supermarket, one thing stands out: there is hardly any cheese in it. And not even real cheese. No often it is cheese powder that is used.

For example, the bag ‘Meal mix Spaghetti Cabonara from a well-known brand’ contains only 13% cheese powder. It’s not even Pecorino Romano cheese powder, no Parmesan cheese either, but mascarpone. In our opinion a real no-go.

Other jars don’t make us particularly happy either. Sometimes Parmesan cheese is present, but only for 3-5%. You might like these jars, but there isn’t really much cheese. In addition, all kinds of ingredients are added to extend the shelf life.

Of course it is easy and fast, but did you know that making spaghetti carbonara doesn’t have to take long either? We tell you exactly how to make spaghetti carbonara quickly in the blog: ‘how do you make spaghetti carbonara?’

Make spaghetti carbonara yourself

In our opinion, it is therefore always best to make spaghetti carbonara yourself. You know exactly what you put in it and it is also very simple to make.

After all, you only need a few ingredients to make this delicious dish. In addition, it is also very fun to do. You can show off in the kitchen and surprise your housemates with a delicious dish. Keep those compliments coming 😉

The ingredients of spaghetti carbonara

These ingredients are: spaghetti, Pecorino Romano, guanciale, eggs and black pepper. It is striking that spaghetti carbonara does not contain cream, even though this is often added to ready-made sauces.

Now the authentic spaghetti carbonara only contains a few ingredients. Yet there is much to tell about it. You can read more about the ingredients in our blog: ‘The ingredients of spaghetti carbonara’

How much cheese in spaghetti carbonara?

Now that you know that cheese is an important part of the spaghetti carbonara, you want to know exactly how much cheese you need.

This of course differs per person and according to your taste. For some people, the more cheese the better. But this is not always necessary for the spaghetti carbonara. It doesn’t have to have a lot of cheese to put a tasty pasta dish on the table.

Because Pecorino Romano has such a strong flavor you don’t need very much. We use about 25 grams of cheese per person. Of course you can always choose to use a little more or less cheese.

What is especially important to use a cheese of good quality. This gives your spaghetti carbonara a lot of flavor with little cheese.

Spaghetti carbonara recipe

Spaghetti carbonara can only be prepared in one way. And that’s the Italian way of course. Because spaghetti carbonara is not difficult to make, but there is a lot to tell about this classic, we give you a few links below to other blogs about carbonara.

So do you want to find out more about this classic Italian pasta dish? Then read the blogs below:

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