iOS 17: These new features have already leaked

iOS 17 gets a lot of big improvements, a lot of which have already been leaked: this is what we know about the new features of iOS 17 so far.

iOS 17 new features

iOS 17 new features

The road to iOS 17 may seem long – the release is not until September as usual – but in less than two months Apple will reveal the major update for your iPhone. On June 5, Apple is organizing the WWDC 2023 (Worldwide Developers Conference), revealing all major updates and brand new VR glasses.

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But what can you expect from iOS 17? We can already say something about that, thanks to a leaker who op MacRumors disclosed the necessary. We list all leaked features.

1. Interactive Widgets

iOS 16 Widgets

It was previously rumored for iOS 16, but it never came to fruition: interactive widgets for your home screen. These not only update their information, but can also show switches and other buttons. For example, you always have a certain setting directly under your thumb. This feature would finally come to the iPhone in iOS 17.

2. Improved Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island – that is the interactive camera hole of the iPhone 14 Pro – is coming to all models of the iPhone 15 this year. Reason enough for Apple to add even more functions to the island, and according to the leaker of MacRumors is that going to happen.

Live activities in dynamic island

It is not yet clear which functions are involved. For example, it could be that Apple will integrate notifications into the Dynamic Island, or add quick settings that are currently still in the control panel.

3. New control panel

There was already a rumor about it last week: iOS 17 will get a completely redesigned control panel. This panel, which gives you quick access to the most important settings and controls of your iPhone, has remained unchanged since iOS 11.

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In iOS 17, you’ll probably be able to customize the Control Center even further than you can now, and it’s likely to have a fresh new design, too. And, who knows: with today’s large iPhones, Apple could also choose to place all buttons at the bottom. Then you can finally reach it with your thumb.

4. Better search

iPhone search button home screen

The search function has become a lot more pontifical in iOS 16, with a special search button at the bottom of the home screen. But the search function itself has remained unchanged for some time. In iOS 17, the search function would be greatly improved, with clearer results and a more powerful search engine.

5. Accessibility Options

In iOS 17, Apple would like to add new accessibility features that make the iPhone much more pleasant to use for people with disabilities. It allows you to fully customize the lock screen and home screen, with larger interface elements, a Dock that you can hide, and larger app icons.

6. Improved performance

In addition to the new features, Apple focuses on the performance and stability of the iPhone with iOS 17. Older devices in particular would benefit from this – which now often have some difficulty with new updates – and this means that support for these devices remains the same.

iPhone 14 slower

That means that the iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X will also receive an update to iOS 17, despite previous rumors. And considering these devices hit the market six years ago, this would come as a pleasant surprise.

iOS 17 new features: more news

On June 5, during the Apple event of the WWDC 2023, we expect to hear everything about iOS 17. Do you want to be informed immediately about news about iOS 17 as soon as more is known? Subscribe then to our weekly newsletter:

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Source: MacRumors

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