Involved in 22 goals | Top fit Veerman is tackled in the gym

After years, PSV is once again a guest at De Dijk in Volendam on Sunday afternoon. Ruud van Nistelrooij’s team crosses paths with the PhD student.

It goes without saying that it will not be an easy job, because PSV performs with difficulty in away matches and FC Volendam has not lost a match since the winter break. Jonk’s team has started playing differently and does so with 5 defenders in the last line instead of four defenders. Despite the unrest at De Dijk, the administrative vicissitudes have no influence on the performance of the first team.

Sunday will be a special day for Joey Veerman. The midfielder can still be found regularly at the stadium of his youth club, but will now face his fellow villagers with PSV. Veerman has only been PSV for 1.5 years, but is still making big steps forward in all areas, he says to the Telegraaf. Veerman is a player who evokes a variety of reactions. There are PSV fans who argue that the midfielder can and must do much better, but there are also fans who argue that Veerman does not add too much to PSV’s game.

Veerman can bear the criticism well and he shrugs it off. “As long as my grades only go up, I’m happy. Then people can say whatever they want. My statistics are improving when you talk about opportunities created, but also, for example, in terms of the number of ball conquests, in which I have excellent figures,” he says of his involvement in 22 goals this season.

Veerman is also doing well physically, because he trains at PSV several times a week in the weight room. Something he didn’t take very seriously before. “I am also very fit and you can see that in the number of kilometers walked. I have the most of everyone in every race, somewhere between 12 and 13 kilometers ”, it sounds determined.

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