Innobiz Bulia aroma diffuser, without water with usb (review)

At the end of last year I decided to buy an aroma diffuser. I chose Bulia, a diffuser with USB. I will tell you more about it in this review.

What is in the packaging of the Bulia diffuser?

The packaging naturally contains the Bulia diffuser. This one has a USB end. There is also a USB adapter that you can slide into the USB part of the diffuser. That way you can also plug the Bulia diffuser into the socket. A manual is also included. In itself, the device is self-explanatory, but it is always useful to go through it anyway.

Bilia aroma diffuser packaging

For the diffusion of the aroma, it is always best not to place your diffuser too high. Since you can plug it directly into the socket, which is usually a bit lower to the ground, or into your computer, you are good in terms of height anyway.

What is special about the Bulia aroma diffuser?

The biggest difference with another diffuser is that with this Bullia you don’t have to put the essential oil in with drops, but you can screw the whole jar of essential oil onto the diffuser. This diffuser therefore does not work with water, but with a special technique, ultra-nebulisation. It works with ultrasonic diffusion and not with water atomization.

Bulia, opening for bottle of essential oil

Another word for nebulization is micro-diffusion. Magnets create a high frequency vibration that allows the essential oil to spread. With ultra-nebulization, the droplets of oil are much smaller when spreading, so you can enjoy the scent for longer.

Cold diffusion - back of packaging Bulia

It also has a USB end so you can easily plug it into your computer, laptop or power bank, or with the use of the adapter into any power outlet. It’s also a cordless diffuser and you don’t have to put it on anything. That makes the Bulia diffuser very compact.

Aroma diffuser with USB and without cord

How does the Bulia diffuser work?

  1. Cap the bottle of essential oil you want to use.
  2. Hold the diffuser so that the opening is at the bottom.
  3. Now turn the bottle of essential oil on the diffuser. The Bulia diffuser will be placed where the cap used to be.
  4. Turn your diffuser over so that the bottle is at the top and gently shake it so that the aroma can spread in the diffuser.
  5. Plug the Bulia into a wall socket or into a USB port.
  6. Press the button 1x and the diffuser will spread scent 3 times every 10 minutes. You will also see the blue light on. Press the button twice and the same thing happens every 20 minutes. The light around the opening where the aroma comes out will now turn green. So another 3rd time to turn off the diffuser.
Bulia review - 2 positions

To remove or change the essential oil bottle, turn the diffuser upside down so that the bottle stands upright. You leave this for a few minutes to ensure that any oil that is still in the diffuser is returned to the bottle. Then you can unscrew the bottle.

To clean the Bulia diffuser you can use a special cleaning agent or a few drops of alcohol that you can apply with a cotton swab. Start nebulization.

Review Bulia aroma diffuser

Which essential oil can you use for the Bulia diffuser?

The handy thing about the Bulia diffuser is that it works with most essential oils. The opening of these bottles is usually the same so that almost all of them fit in the Bulia. Both 5, 10, 15 and 30 ml bottles will work. I also have bottles of 100 ml, but that will probably be too heavy for the compact device.

The manual states to only use 100% pure and natural essential oil.

At the moment I have a 30 ml bottle with Eucalyptus in it. Of course you can vary with scents.

Bulia diffuser in laptop with USB - review

Review Innobiz Bulia aroma diffuser

I chose the Bulia diffuser because it is so compact. There are a lot of beautiful diffusers to put in your living room, but for now I wanted one that I can easily move between upstairs (our office and bedroom) and downstairs (kitchen and living room). I could even take it on vacation.

You will hear the soft sound as the 3 sprays happen every 10 or 20 minutes. It is useful that the light color changes so that you know whether the diffuser is set to 10 or 20 minutes. With a 30 ml bottle you would get 20 days if you set it to 10 minutes and 40 days if you nebulize it every 20 minutes. In practice this is much longer because I don’t leave it up day and night. I usually turn it on for a few hours and then turn it off.

This Bulia is small, but according to the manual it would be good for rooms up to 60 m2. Where you put the device, the smell is of course more intense than in another part of the room.

I don’t care much about this device. With one with water you have to make sure that there is always enough water in it, but this diffuser with USB and without water can let you do its job for several days without having to keep an eye on it. If your bottle is empty, you will of course have to screw on a new bottle.

More Innobiz models

In addition to Bulia, Innobiz has even more models of aroma diffusers. For example, the Bo diffuser that is made of bamboo and for which you do not need water. It is available in white, black and yellow. There is also one in the square, one of ceramics, with light and even one with a speaker.

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