Incomprehension about profiling urge Leo van Vliet: ‘Scandalous, really scandalous’

Tadej Pogacar had been working on his solo for a while when he seemed to lose a bit of his feathers. Just then, Ben Healy released fellow escapee Tom Pidcock and came back within twenty seconds of the leader. At that moment, the car with race director Leo van Vliet mixed in the race.

He stayed in front of Tadej Pogacar for a while, after which the lead was suddenly half a minute again. With that, the tension was finally gone. Whether it had made a difference in the final result, does not seem to be the case. But at Sporza, the commentators called it an unacceptable ‘profiling urge.’

People on Twitter were also not tender about the action of the race director. ‘Schan-da-lig’, Thijs Zonneveld called it. “Seriously: Van Vliet helps to decide the course here. Healy came back to twenty seconds, after drafting twice at ten meters it is half a minute again. Outrageous, really outrageous.”

The journalist of the Algemeen Dagblad was not the only one who found it ridiculous. Healy’s foreman, Jonathan Vaughters, also shared his thoughts on Twitter. “Derny racing on the track is always the most exciting. I think the organizers now also want to take it to the road.”

Michael Rasmussen wrote the following about the situation. “I get the feeling that the organizers want to see a Pogacar win at all costs.”

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