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Crypto is a favorite hobby for one person, while another finds it a somewhat shadowy world. There is nothing shady about Ribka: she has been a Binance Angel for a while now, which means she helps people with their journey towards crypto. “We explain and support them in starting with crypto,” says Ribka.

“Only 7.76 percent of the Bitcoin community is female and that’s a shame,” says Ribka, who, as a Binance Angel, plans to get more women interested in the world of crypto. “I’ve been doing it for a long time. Already 4 years and 4 months. I also have a permanent job as an accountant. The work of a Binance Angel is entirely voluntary. The reason I started it is because I realized that I also had help to get into the crypto world.”

Binance Angel

Ribka refers to her brothers, who were already in crypto before. “They got me more interested in it, and I looked specifically at the Binance communities and it really appealed to me what Angels were doing. Angels help people, because there are often many questions about crypto. In addition, there are many scams, so educating people in this world can ensure that no scams take place. Angels are there to increase the popularity and use of crypto.”

“It’s nice to help people. People want to start their crypto adventure and we help them further. There are even grannies passing by who want to delve into crypto. You really build a relationship with people and that’s great. I am also a member of the international community and there you see ladies who benefit from it in a completely different way. For example, in some countries you see that women are not allowed to open bank accounts: thanks to crypto, they can still stand up for their own rights and get paid on their crypto account.”

In addition, there are many women active in crypto who have a partner with whom they do it together. “You do see that women ask slightly different questions than men, for example they are more interested in stable coins. We also organize real-life events worldwide, it’s nice to see that there are more ladies there. “At the same time, online crypto communities are a world in which people prefer to remain anonymous, so it is also somewhat difficult to map out the gender balance.”

Financial freedom with Bitcoin

To me Bitcoin is really a sign of financial freedom: there are only 21 million of them in the world and there are no more to come. You often hear that central banks print their own money, but that is not possible with Bitcoin. In some cases it is also a means of payment and that remains interesting.”

It all sounds very positive, but crypto is not just fun. “I hear people pass by every day who mainly want to stir up unrest. People think all crypto trading is a scam, but don’t actually give any good reasons for that. Often these are people who have invested a lot in crypto and have lost a lot. Or they follow the wrong influencers who are paid to promote things that are actually not good at all. You have to be aware of the risks and never invest your entire wealth in crypto: only do it with what you can afford to lose and don’t sell your house. And when you start, do it small. Or check out the Binance Academy, where you can learn more about what crypto is.”

About TechGirl of the Month:
Every month we interview women in tech. We do this because we think it is important that women are seen and heard. Only 16 percent of people in the Dutch tech business are women. If we want to use technology, we have to make sure that it is made by an inclusive group of people who look at the product or app from different angles. No bias, but a product or service for and by everyone. But also: a working area in which everyone feels welcome. This is one of the reasons why these interviews are so important. Show that it can be done differently. And perhaps: show that things have to be done differently.

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