‘I choose my potential loves by their zodiac sign’

Since Brenda’s childhood she has been interested in constellations. After a nasty relationship, she decided to take a different approach to finding a boyfriend. She now chooses her potential loves by their zodiac sign. “I just know exactly what suits me. Some zodiac signs are really none matches. I don’t even give those men a chance,” she tells BEDROCK.

“For my twelfth birthday, my aunt gave me a book about constellations. After two months I had already read the book four times. I loved reading which zodiac signs matched each other. If someone asked what the characteristics of an archer or a lion were, I could name them.

Unhappy relationship

At the age of 24 I had my first real relationship. His zodiac sign was Leo. I, with the zodiac sign Pisces, quickly knew that it would be quite a challenge. Leos are creative and confident, they are also dominant nine times out of ten and they sometimes have narcissistic traits.

Unfortunately, that turned out to be the case with my friend. I was in an unhappy relationship for six years. Every time I broke up with her, we got back together after a few weeks. Until he hurt me so much that I had no choice but to cut off all contact.

Delve into relationships

After that relationship I knew I wanted to do things completely differently with my next relationship. I decided to delve even more into constellations. I only wanted to date or enter into relationships with men whose zodiac sign is a matches goods. Dominant lions, fierce rams or an unbalanced scale didn’t stand a chance with me.

To date

A year after my ex and I broke up, I was slowly ready for a new love. I didn’t really like going out, so I decided to put some dating apps on my phone. That was the best option for me to get to know someone.

I started talking to several men, one by one potential loves. Within five minutes I was already asking what his zodiac sign was. If it isn’t matches was with my zodiac sign, it was no use for me to continue talking. It wouldn’t work out or end badly a little later, there was no other way.

Cute lobster

I’ve already had a few dates with a nice lobster. A lobster fits well with my zodiac sign. After talking on WhatsApp for a while, we agreed to meet in a cafe. We have now had four fun dates.

He is not only handsome, but also smart and calm. And also nice: just as interested in zodiac signs as I am! Something that suits me exactly. I don’t know how the future will play out, of course, but I’m glad I used my knowledge of zodiac signs in love.”

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Brenda (34): ‘I choose my potential loves based on their zodiac sign’

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