‘I can express my emotions in singing’

Recently went Beau monde talking to Karsu about what makes her happy in life. Couture by Jan Taminiau and pornstar martinis. But also her fiancé, family and her naughty cat. These are the pleasures of singer and pianist Karsu Dönmez.

Family dinner

“My family is my base, my warmth, my sanctuary. Unfortunately I didn’t see them enough last year because I worked so hard. I will do that differently from now on. First put family and fun things in the agenda, then plan work around that.”

Fiance Mike

“Mike and I are a good fit because we talk well together and are there for each other when things get tough. It is precisely in the dark times that you get to know the other; you discover what you have in the other. We are engaged. In principle, our relationship will not change if we get married, but it is a beautiful promise that you make to each other.”

Into the kitchen

“Cooking is my favorite outlet. If I want to relax, I dive into the kitchen for five hours – much to the delight of my fiancee. My favorite is Turkish cuisine, because I grew up with it. Over the years my taste has been refined. Since I often perform in Turkey, I was able to taste many different regional dishes. Turkish cuisine is easy to make and much healthier than people think. For example, on the west coast they are very fond of vegetarian and fish.”

Own cookbook

“Recently Karsu’s Kitchen came out and my culinary program at 24Kitchen started. My cookbook is full of tasty, varied and healthy recipes, but also a lot of humour. It’s almost theater what I tried to make there! The book contains classics from Turkish cuisine, but also family favorites. From vegetarian to fish and meat, from tables full of mezzes to simple quick meals, I show that everyone can cook Turkish. In the program Karsu’s Turkey I introduce viewers to my family in Turkey, how our holidays used to be and life outside with a lot of cooking and eating together.”

On the stage

“Singing allows me to express my emotions: anger, sadness, joy. Besides cooking, touring is a huge outlet for me. Creating something beautiful with my band members and crew and then watching a full house enjoying themselves.”

In the studio

“A new album will be released next fall. It really becomes who I am and who I am becoming. There are happy songs on it, bursts of energy. But also wistful. The past years have not been easy. For the first time I managed to properly describe sadness.”


“I absolutely love earrings and I have a huge collection. Because I often lose them, I don’t choose the most expensive ones. I also always wear my engagement ring and a ring that my parents gave me when I was eighteen.”

Curious about more happy makers from Karsu? This article is from the latest Beau Monde. Now in stores!

Text: Sandra ten Brink | Image: NL Image

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