how to make a long distance relationship work

Love cannot be planned, it comes as a surprise and the circumstances are not always ideal. Since the last decade, online dating has become increasingly popular and as a result, the number of long-distance relationships has increased rapidly. Modern people nowadays spend an important part of their lives on the internet, be it to get to know each other, to gamble in the Casino777 online casino or to go shopping. Then when virtual and real worlds mix, things can get complicated sometimes. But don’t worry, a long distance relationship can work well with a little effort.

Remote dating

From one date to the next – always schedule the next meeting

When your loved one gets into the car or on the train and slowly drives away, it breaks the other person’s heart. Both know that their short-lived togetherness is over, that everyday life is back in the distant house. To ease the pain of parting on the track a bit, it helps if the following dating is planned before the physical separation. When both know that they will see each other again soon, letting go is often less difficult.

The feeling of not knowing how long the separation will last this time causes many couples to part through the pain of parting. Everyone needs a purpose, especially when it comes to love. And that goal is the next date. It doesn’t matter if it happens in fourteen days or in two months, what counts is the planning.

Joint activities also work remotely

Not watching your favorite movie together, not having dinner together – there are many things couples in a long-distance relationship miss. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because modern technology makes it possible to be connected anytime and anywhere via video calls. A joint film can be viewed remotely, even cooking together is possible. Everyone follows the same recipe and in the end the couple can compare whose plate is better prepared.

However, a little creativity is possible, because for many it is no substitute at first to see the loved one on the screen but not be able to touch him or her. But once you’re comfortable with modern technology, you’ll realize that a video call conveys so much more closeness than a phone call without direct line of sight.

Sharing the boring things of everyday life

You only see each other a few times a year and usually do all those special things? You look at the city together, cuddle together, enjoy the day and avoid any kind of everyday life. A mistake, because to find out how compatible your partnership is, you also have to share the boring stuff. Do the laundry together, go to the supermarket, watch the news on TV and then discuss it. Use the time you have together to act like a normal couple, not like vacationers who just happened to run into each other.

The basis for a possible future life together is that you understand each other and are compatible, even in the little things of everyday life. If possible, try to be together outside of the holidays. Your partner has to work, you have time off? Then take advantage of the time, get to know his house alone, do his household chores and exchange a few words with the neighbors. That way you will feel more like you belong and are not just a guest in his house.

Arguing is also allowed in a long-distance relationship

If you share a household with your partner, quarreling is part of the game now and then. His messiness annoys you, her punctuality irritates you – the reasons for a fight are many. In long-distance relationships, many couples try to avoid any possibility of discussion. They prefer to suppress anger and rage so that the little time they have together does not suddenly end unpleasantly. This is a mistake as it means you are not learning to argue like a normal couple.

You’re allowed to argue, even if you can only spend 48 hours together. Because if you go home frustrated and have not spoken out what is bothering you, the inner conflict will continue to burden you. If an argument is going on at a distance, it’s important that you don’t exchange it over a voice message or email. Talk directly to each other, if you have no other option, use the phone or a video call.

Use many channels for joint communication

There used to be the telephone and the post, but today there are countless channels to stay in touch with each other. You can chat, exchange voice messages, talk on Skype, make video calls and even send each other the occasional classic love letter in the mail. The more creative you are, the more options you have and the less boring it will be.

Be spontaneous and send your loved one a video as a morning greeting, send him or her an audio message during the lunch break or have a flower delivery person come by with a surprise bouquet. Although no message in the world can replace physical contact, the flexible means of communication help you stay connected in everyday life.

Plan for the future

Despite all the possibilities, a long-distance relationship can always lead to heartbreak. The desire is exhausting, no matter how hard you try, you suddenly miss your partner in the evening. It’s important to plan for your future together if you don’t want to stay in love with each other in the long run. Talk about what each of you plans for your own future. Is it conceivable that you will live together in a city, and if so, in which city?

Are you both very involved in your careers or is there a job change planned for one of you? Can you imagine living with your partner or is your flat big enough to give him or her a new home? All of these plans should be made at an early stage, even though they can sometimes take years to implement. Here it is as if planning the next meeting, the prospect of a bright future helps to overcome the difficult times of loneliness, jealousy and longing.

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