How much caffeine is in the different cups of coffee?

Are you the real coffee fanatic? We can all understand that very well. There are many different types of coffee and there is always one that you really like. But it is not very good for your health if you drink a lot of coffee. There is caffeine in coffee that can have a (sometimes annoying) effect on your health. But how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee? We have selected that for you.

Coffee comes in all shapes and sizes

There are a lot of different coffees that all have a different composition. Logically, there are also different amounts of caffeine in coffees. But what types of coffee are there actually? We are not talking about types of coffee beans here, but what else is added to the coffee that creates different proportions. The basis of a coffee type is often espresso. This is quite strong coffee and bitter in taste. As soon as you add extra hot water, you have one americano. This name originated when the American soldiers in World War II added extra water to the Italian espresso. Do you add milk to your black coffee? Then you get a whole different range of coffees. You are probably familiar with cappuccino, latte, flat white and a latte macchiato. All these types have in common that milk and/or milk foam has been added. It is the ratio of milk and coffee that makes them all different coffees.

how much caffeine in different types of coffee

The amount of caffeine differs per type of coffee

Because there are so many different ways to brew coffee, you can probably imagine that the caffeine amounts vary. A 125 ml cup of filter coffee will contain about 56 to 85 milligrams of caffeine, depending on where you got the coffee from. The same goes for instant coffee. Espresso is stronger than ‘regular’ coffee and contains just a bit more caffeine, namely 67 mg per cup. You can therefore imagine that for the cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato and flat white it matters which type of ‘basic’ coffee you use. Of course you also have decaf coffee, coffee without caffeine. But did you know that that name is actually not quite right? Decaf coffee also contains a small amount of caffeine. Usually, decaf coffee still contains about 2.6 mg of caffeine. However, this amount is so small that you will feel little or no effect from it and it is therefore a better choice if you suffer a lot from the effect of caffeine.

How do you make the different types of coffee?

But how do you make such delicious coffee? You can do that with the beautiful new espresso machine: Saeco Xelsis Suprema. Thanks to the smart technology of this device, you can make the most delicious coffees. There are 22 different drink variations that you can adjust yourself. This fully automatic espresso machine is from the Saeco brand that has been around since 1981.

Saeco stands for authentic Italian coffee experience and ensures that all their devices are properly tuned to this. You can buy your own coffee beans and put them in your machine. With the innovative BeanMaestrotechnology, you can adjust the settings on your device to the type of coffee bean. The CoffeeMaestro ensures that you can choose the right flavor profile: sweet and creamy (delicato), bold and rich (Forte) or intense and full (intenso). The Saeco Xelsis Suprema is very easy to use and even has new cleaning functions that ensure that your espresso machine can always make the best coffee. Choose your bean, choose your type of coffee and enjoy one of the best cups of coffee you can make yourself at home.

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