How long should you clean your face to make sure it’s clean?

You can have such a good cleanser, but the way you use your facial cleanser also plays a major role. We were therefore curious about the best way to wash your face – and especially for how long?

Cleanse your face

Washing your face with just water is not enough, as we now know. This is best done with a cleanser. From micellar water to gel-based cleansers. But how long should you actually use a cleaning product? Is that a matter of seconds or are we talking minutes? Or does it really not matter?

Ideally, you pay a little attention to the duration of the cleaning. “We recommend 30 to 60 seconds for washing your face,” dermatologist shares Divya Shokeen of Mind Body Green. “That’s enough time to remove dirt and oil from your face without drying out your skin.” Because that is of course also the catch. You can also dry out your skin if you wash it too long with certain skin care products.

Exact advice

30 to 60 seconds is still not very specific. This is because the cleaning method you use also matters. Some people do double cleansing. They first use an oil-based cleaning product and then a water-based one. In that case, you can hold for 30 seconds. Do you only use one cleanser? Then it’s important to take the time to rid your skin of dirt, makeup and your SPF. Then massage your cleaning product for at least a full minute.

And then you also have cleansers with active ingredients. Think of one with AHAs or BHAs. Also in that case you have to use the product for 60 seconds. Otherwise, the active ingredients do not have enough time to do their job. By the way, do not use these products every day. Shokeen recommends using facial cleansers with active ingredients only once or twice a week.

Source: Mind Body Green | Image: Adobe Stock

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