How do you prevent insects in your home with pets?

Having insects in the house is of course not nice. With your pet’s hair flying around and kibble that can be thrown in all directions during the feast, it’s more important than ever that you pay just a little more time and attention to your household. Of course you want to prevent more and more insects from entering your home. And the use of chemicals? Of course you prefer to leave it alone. It’s better for the planet and you prevent your beloved pet from discovering the remedies and therefore dangerous situations can arise. With the tips in this article you can already make big steps, so read on quickly!

Use the vacuum cleaner more often to keep your house spotless

You may not see it very often, but your pet’s hair disappears in everything very quickly. In the sofa, in the carpet and perhaps on the dining room sofa. Reasons enough to grab the vacuum cleaner just a little more often. This way you can be sure that your house will stay spotlessly clean and any allergies of other family members can also be better prevented. So a win-win situation!

Place screens in front of the door

As soon as the days get longer in spring and the temperatures rise, you naturally prefer to spend a lot of time outside. Go for a walk in the fresh air, have a barbecue with the family or garden in the garden. But if you are outside a lot, it also means that the door is open more often. The ideal opportunity for insects to discover your abode, which awaken again in the spring and begin to grow. Tip! Always make sure you install high-quality screens in front of the door. Why? This makes it much more difficult for the insects to get to your fish’s aquarium or your dog’s basket, for example.

Opt for an insect hotel

You can recognize an insect hotel out of thousands. It is a small house where the insects immediately feel completely at home. It gives insects a safe place to live and it is made of natural materials. Bees and other insects can quietly make their own nest here. Always make sure you hang the hotel in a safe place and hang it out of the wind. Also place it in a sunny spot in the garden. This way, insects are less likely to enter your home.

How do you keep your home free from insects? Share your tips below!

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