How do you furnish your veranda?

Do you have a spacious backyard and are you thinking about a renovation? Maybe a beautiful veranda is perfect for you. With a veranda you create a cozy place where you can enjoy your garden. If you design your veranda well thought-out, a veranda can really add something to the experience of the house. Suppose you like a veranda as part of your garden, where should you start? We’ll get into that in the rest of the article…


When choosing a veranda, the location and its practical feasibility are important in the first instance. Such a nice place to relax, but does this veranda also have enough storage space and enough access to the rest of your garden? In the first instance, think carefully about whether you really have room for a veranda or whether you can better use your scarce space for something else.

Make it cosy!

As part of the garden, your veranda should exude cosiness and comfort. So in the first instance you provide a nice lounge set, a few comfortable chairs or a hammock. Make sure you can enjoy your stay.

To dress it up, you can choose a number of matching colors that ensure that the place radiates warmth. Green should of course not be missing. Find inspiration for some nice planters or some nice vases with plants. Depending on your taste of course. In short: make sure you design your veranda in such a way that it really adds something to the experience of the home.

Different seasons

When designing a veranda, you may first think of a beautiful place with a roof as part of the garden to enjoy the summer months. But a veranda can also be wonderful in autumn and winter. If you take the necessary precautions, of course. A cozy spot in the winter is of course equipped with a number of rugs and plaids where you can relax. And to make it nice and warm in the winter, a heater should not be missing. This way you can enjoy your eye-catcher in your garden during all seasons!

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