How can you safely transport your laptop by bike?

Cycling to work is great for exercise and for the planet, but it also comes with some challenges. After all, most people have to take their laptop with them on their way to work. It may seem unsafe to do that on a bike, but is it? Let’s take a look at how to safely transport a laptop on your bike with a few tips to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.


It is safe to carry a laptop on your bike as long as you make sure it is stored in a waterproof compartment of your Burkely bag. In any case, water is your laptop’s worst enemy: just a few drops can damage it. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a case to add an extra layer of protection. Make sure that your laptop with cover fits in your bag and that there is still enough space left for your ladies’ handbag.


Cycling can be unsafe for cyclists, especially in major cities. Indeed, this is when traffic is generally worst. In winter you also regularly have to cycle in the dark, so there is always a risk of falling or even crashing. Carrying your laptop with you and you fall can damage it. It is therefore important to always be clearly visible, especially early in the morning or late at night. This means wearing highly visible clothing and using good lighting.


Using a backpack to carry your laptop while cycling is the first solution that comes to mind. It is very practical, can hold a lot of stuff, such as extra clothes, a water bottle and your lunch, but it can easily be heavy. If you want to take your laptop with you on your bike to work in your backpack, you should opt for a waterproof one anyway. After all, we mentioned earlier that water is your notebook’s worst enemy, so you can prevent damage from rain with the help of a waterproof backpack. In addition, choose a model that has a special compartment for your laptop, which automatically protects your lap computer.


Bicycle bags are generally used by people who tour with their bicycles, although they are also used by many people as a replacement for a shopping bag. It’s a godsend to take your laptop with you while cycling: plenty of room, nothing to carry on your shoulders (so the extra weight you’re carrying is different), and no extra sweating. Of course you should also opt for waterproof models with the panniers. In addition, it is important to use a laptop sleeve. The vibrations of cycling are transmitted through the frame to your panniers, which can damage your notebook. A padded cover protects your laptop against these damages.

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