How can you charge your smartphone faster? 6 ways that help you

You are on the road and you notice that your phone is almost empty. You still need it for the rest of the day and you need to charge it quickly. Very quickly, if possible, because you only have half an hour available. Fortunately, you have a power bank with you, but you realize that it is also almost empty. What now?

You look around and see a cafe. You decide to go inside and ask the barista if you can charge your phone. He points you to an outlet and you plug in your phone. But then you realize that you might not be staying long enough to fully charge the phone. That’s why you’re wondering: how can I charge my smartphone faster?

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6 ways to charge a phone faster

Despite the fact that the speed of charging mainly depends on the charger and the phone you have, there are a number of ways to charge the battery faster. Here are some of those ways to make your phone charge faster.

1. Use the correct charger

Use the charger that originally came with your phone or a charger that is compatible with your phone. Do not use a counterfeit charger or a charger from another brand. A charger that provides more power than your phone can handle can damage your phone, while other chargers may have less power and shorten battery life.

2. Use a fast charger

If your phone supports a fast charger, use it to charge your phone faster. These are not always included with purchase. With a fast charger it is possible to charge the largest part of the battery within a short time.

3. Close unnecessary apps

Close all unnecessary apps and turn off those running in the background. This reduces the load on the battery and makes charging faster.

4. Turn on airplane mode

Turning on airplane mode will disconnect you from the mobile network and Wi-Fi. This allows the phone to fully concentrate on charging the battery and makes charging faster.

5. Remove the case

Leaving your phone in a protective case while charging can cause the phone to heat up and slow down charging. Removing the protective cover can therefore help to charge your phone faster.

6. Turn off your phone

If you don’t need to be reachable and you want to charge your phone quickly, turning off your phone can help. Turning off the phone reduces power consumption and makes charging even faster.

In the end, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, always charge your phone when it falls below a battery percentage of 50. This not only prevents the quality of the battery from deteriorating, but you also do not have to charge longer than necessary.

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