Hotspot De Dyck: fine dining from our own vegetable garden

I have the ultimate restaurant tip for everyone who loves honest and pure food! At De Dyck in Woubrugge you can eat delicious dishes made from organic products that come from their own fields and vegetable garden. But then on a ‘fine dining’ level. You will hardly find meat and fish on the menu here (although it is possible as an addition!), but mainly vegetables and herbs from the land. The mission of owner and farmer Reinier Kempenaar is to sell his delicious, organic products through ‘fine dining’. And that is exactly what De Dyck’s chef Martijn Koeleman does. He makes the tastiest ‘pure’ dishes with fresh seasonal vegetables and ingredients of the moment.

Amuses at De Dyck: “what the vegetable garden gives us”

Vegetable garden menu

De Dyck gives you a ‘culinary journey across the fields and vegetable garden’. From the land straight to the plate: robust dishes with pure flavors from Dutch soil. The starting point of the dishes is always the vegetable garden with circular menus consisting of a mix of own and local ingredients. Meat and fish are only used when they really add something. And leftovers? They feed or compost them. we love!

Bbq Berkshire: with blackcurrant, oyster mushroom and habanero

(H) fair food at De Dyck

A country treat

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