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holiday in MayHoliday in May, I look forward to it every year. Especially, because most people then have 2 weeks of vacation. Or at least the kids. We always make sure that we are also free for 2 weeks, so that we can go away. Enjoying good weather (hopefully) and especially a different, beautiful environment. Being with each other. Still, this year I think it’s quite a puzzle where we will go. I like so much and I actually prefer to avoid the masses a bit. There are several options and I share them with you, who knows, it may serve as inspiration for your own holiday.

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One of the options for our holiday in May is Slovakia. After the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, this is high on our list. During our recent holidays we have already been able to taste it, we visited Bratislava and we have also been to Slovakia on the north side. But this country has so much more to offer that we are considering driving there by car. The advantage is that we don’t have to book anything in advance (we do that online on the spot via booking) and we don’t have to take the plane either. It is about 1300 km, but I expect that we will drive about 4000 km in total, we will have lost around €1000 in petrol, which in our case with the six of us is usually cheaper than 6 airline tickets. Life in Slovakia is also cheaper than in the Netherlands. So this is a relatively inexpensive option that does not require much preparation.

Bratislava Napoleon


Another thing we’ve been thinking about is going to England. The disadvantage is that Yuren and Fee do not have a passport, which is necessary since Brexit. We should then apply for it soon. We would then go via the Eurotunnel. First drive to Calais (4 hours), then by train to Folkestone and from there a nice drive to Southampton, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and the Snowdonia nature park. The crossing would amount to €300 for us, which is of course not too bad. In addition, of course, some petrol and also the accommodations via booking on sight. The weather in England is of course uncertain, but we don’t go especially for the sun, more for the beautiful surroundings and the adventure.

A Greek island

Bee Eliza was here I saw several options for a Greek island. Crete in particular is well represented and very affordable, but I have been there a few times. I am more interested in Lefkas or Zakynthos or something. You can do that there too. The advantage is that you buy a package and everything is arranged: car, accommodation and flight. I think the disadvantage is that you don’t have much to contribute yourself and you can’t really move around. However, the costs are manageable and it is also clear. Greece is assured of good weather in general in May. I’ll definitely keep it open as an option.

Finland, Norway or Sweden

Our May holiday through Norway was perhaps the most beautiful trip we have ever taken as a family. We were also very lucky with the weather. While it was raining in the Netherlands, it was 25 degrees and sunny in Scandinavia. We walked the Preikestolen on a perfect day, not too hot, certainly not too cold and plenty of sun. Also last fall Norway surprised me again. That is why Scandinavia is also on our list. Tickets to Oslo are cheap, to Helsinki slightly more expensive and Stockholm even more expensive. Finnish Lapland in spring seems quite special to experience. The budding spring can be very beautiful there, we have also seen that in Norway. If we would fly to Oslo, we would have to drive another 7 hours before we arrive in a region that we have not yet discovered. That would be Trondheim and surroundings. I would prefer to drive another 10 hours to Bødø, for example, or a bit further to Lofoten. It is possible, but it is a long drive. We will certainly keep these options in mind as well and sometime in the coming weeks the decision will be made about our holiday in May.

view preikestolen insane

Tour through Morocco

What I would also really like is to go to Morocco with the whole family. The tickets are only quite pricey in the May holiday I saw. Now you can get around that somewhat by flying to Malaga and then driving to Gibraltar in 2 hours to take the boat to Morocco, but the disadvantage is that you are not allowed to take the rental car with you. I’m going to find out if you can take a bus or taxi to Gibraltar, and then just rent a car in Tangier. That would matter. Morocco itself is not expensive in terms of accommodations and living, unless you let yourself go to take off 😉

gate juut morocco

Other options?

There may be other options, I don’t know yet. Don’t have the time and peace to think about it right now, because I’m busy with work stuff. Maybe it will work better in April. Where are you going on holiday in May? As soon as the bullet is through the church here, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Link tips

If you are still looking for tips to book trips, you will find a few things about nice May holidays via these (affiliation) links. Good luck with your search! And find 🙂

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