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Nature house in HeythuizenI think the end of February, beginning of March is always a wonderful time. During this period the days start to lengthen, the sun shines more often and you have a few days off every few weeks. If, like me, you work in education, often even more often. Spring is therefore a perfect time to go away for a weekend every now and then. Not too far, preferably in your own country. After all, the Netherlands has so many beautiful places. You just need to know how to find them. For a holiday in March, or a weekend away in March, I will look for one holiday home in the Netherlands. I have found so many beautiful places through the website.

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Holiday in March

If you are not in the carnival region, you have a part of March spring break. Then you can easily get one last minute book a nice house in the Netherlands. In a beautiful place, of course. The kind of place where the sun sets pink and you have a distant view. Preferably a bit of luxury too, who knows a hot tub? A nice boat in front of the door. Being on the water is fun anyway, especially during this time. Then the mosquitoes are not that active yet, but you do enjoy the view. Children can play in the water if we get a few nice days in March. Holidays in March can be really wonderful, knowing that the whole summer is still ahead of you!

4 Tips for nice Nature houses

I myself have been in a house of Nature Houses a number of times. For example, once in Schoorl, together with friends. We had a semi-detached house: each with its own kitchen and bedrooms, but we could walk right in to each other. And a large shared garden for the children. We also once stayed in a beautiful house in Friesland where we enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets every evening. Tips enough! Here I recommend 4 last-minute houses that caught my eye on the website and where I would like to stay for a holiday in March.

Egmond aan den Hoef

I had never heard of it before, but this is on the coast, left above Amsterdam. Also ideal for a trip to, for example, Bergen, Hoorn, Amsterdam or Den Helder. Perhaps you would like to take the boat to Texel? Or… you can just continue to enjoy this house. It is, after all, a Yurt. With a lovely garden, lighting, a heater and a hot tub! You don’t need more right? From the yurt you are in nature. Ideal for a short or long stay.

Flute Mountain

In Fluitenberg, Drenthe, you will find this “adult-only” cottage with an amazing view. Bring the children to grandpa and grandma and enjoy this luxurious detached coach house yourself. You will certainly like the peace, nature, but also the sauna. There is plenty of cycling and walking in the area. You can cook yourself, but those who prefer to eat out can go to Hoogeveen or Meppel. Enjoy this here!


This brand new house in Etten in Gelderland is also absolutely worth it. If only because of the jacuzzi and the lovely garden. The cottage is pretty much on the Pieterpad, so I can combine it perfectly with walking it. After that you have all the luxurious and wonderful Auping beds to recover from such an active day. With a glass of wine by the stove or perhaps outside in one of the hanging chairs, on a beautiful spring day …


Odoornerveen is also located in Drenthe, in a very nice spot on the water. Wake up to a chorus of frogs and songbirds and enjoy the silence. Here you can really relax. A bit of lazing around, the occasional trip with the accompanying canoe or rowing boat and furthermore just endless reading and enjoying the view. You can rent bicycles on site, for those who still want to be active during the day.

These were my tips for a holiday in the Netherlands in March. There are of course many more cool houses on the website. Almost too many to mention. So nice to stroll through it yourself. Who knows what gem you will find!

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