‘He’s becoming a kind of activist’

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Gerrit Hiemstra is not only a weatherman, he also advertises wind farms and solar cells in the NOS Journaal. Simon Rozendaal finds that strange, because advertising does not belong in the news.

“Hiemstra is becoming a kind of activist,” he writes for Elsevier Weekblad. “While you would think he would have his hands full with the weather report itself.”

The weatherman is fiercely criticized. “Isn’t Gerrit Hiemstra doing the wrong thing at NOS News to make propaganda for so-called green energy (which is precisely not green and efficient)?” asks author and speaker Hans van Tellingen. “Gerrit only tells one side of the story and does not mention the disadvantages.”

Pissed off

Doctor and lawyer Lucas Bergkamp tweets: “In this crisis, loyalty to the movement is a moral obligation.”

“Gerrit is not a weatherman either, but an advertising man,” notes columnist Marianne Zwagerman. She once wrote a column about this for BNR, after which Gerrit pissed off calling the editor-in-chief, who sent her to Gerrit to ‘talk it out’.


“Call me naive, but I didn’t know that NOS weatherman Gerrit Hiemstra, as an entrepreneur, also advises companies about the consequences of extreme weather and climate change. Now that we are already suffering from mass hysteria with regard to the climate, I think it would be better if the NOS does not let people with interests bring the news, not even the weather news,” Zwagerman wrote.

Health scientist Yvonne Simons asks NOS: “Why doesn’t that shoemaker stick to his last?”

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