“He gets a stiff pee at home from that”

Wesley Sneijder has Monday evening Veronica Offside responded to a column by Hugo Borst, in which the journalist calls the 38-year-old Sneijder a ‘nice, funny fat boy’. The record international does not understand that Borst writes such a thing.

“I read that Hugo Borst calls you, Rafael van der Vaart and Theo Janssen cozy funny fatties. What do you think?”, Wilfred Genee addresses the subject. “Did he say that? I didn’t even see that,” Sneijder begins. “If I have to respond to Hugo Borst every time… I don’t feel like it at all.”

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Still, Sneijder cannot resist lashing out at Borst. “He thinks it’s great that we’re using his name again. That gives him a stiff pee at home, that we’re talking about him again. You shouldn’t even quote that man,” said Sneijder. “What is the added value of this man writing something like this and we’re talking about it tonight? I don’t think anyone at home is waiting for that.”

Genee doesn’t think it’s strange that Borst’s column is being discussed. “That’s kind of how this profession works, Wesley,” he says. Sneijder: “I sometimes respond to Hugo, but that he writes things like this… nice, fine”, Sneijder responds with an indifferent look. “What should we do with it?”

Andy van der Meijde stands up for Sneijder. “Listen, you are fat, but you have stopped playing football, you have always done everything for Dutch football, then you can just enjoy life after your career?”

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