Guus Meeuwis shares new single ‘For My Heart’

Guus Meeuwis presents ‘For My Heart’

Guus Meeuwis with a new single ‘Voor Mijn Hart’. In mid-June he will again be in the football stadium of PSV Eindhoven for three days in a row for his immensely popular ‘Groots met een soft G’ concerts. But there is more good news about Guus Meeuwis, because a new studio album will be released on May 20, 2023. In the run-up to the new concert series and the album, Guus, who also broke through in Flanders with his monster hits ‘It is a night’ and ‘Per track (Kedeng kedeng)’, has just released the brand new single ‘Voor Mijn Hart’. He wrote that song together with his good friend JW Roy and songwriter-producer Christon Kloosterboer. “Each song is a piece from my head, a fantasy poured into music, which I would like to share with you. Sometimes to celebrate, sometimes to encourage.

Guus Meeuwis For My Heart

New album

One time to reflect, the other time to contemplate. To comfort, to amaze. If my album forthcoming (put May 20th 2023 but with a thick marker in your agenda) you can choose which part of it you need”, says Guus Meeuwis. In the run-up to that new record, Guus just released the new single ‘For My Heart’ out, a song he wrote and recorded with a good friend JW Roy and producer-songwriter Christon Kloosterboer. “It was too fast for my heart. Love can surprise you sometimes. I hope this song surprises you too. New sound, new energy: just the way I feel,” Guus adds when we ask him how his new song feels.

Radio friendly character

For Guus Meeuwis it’s going to be busy times, because mid June he has already been three times in the packed football stadium of PSV Eindhoven with his still very popular ‘Grand with a soft G’ concerts. Undoubtedly this will be his latest ‘For My Heart’ past in the set list and who knows, you might also recognize the influence of that song The War On Drugs indie rock song ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’? That’s how impressive Guus’ latest musical gem is, a song that excels thanks to its radio-friendly character and high stream content. Guus does it again and that promises for the rest of the new songs that will arrive next month.

The new single ‘For My Heart’ by Guus Meeuwis appeared on Modestus Music and is now available digitally.

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