Growing herbs in a small garden: tips and tricks

Is growing herbs in your garden very high on your own bucket list right now? Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be that difficult and is even suitable for people who don’t have a green thumb. With just a few small investments in your own garden, this is already possible. Pick a little thyme every day for that delicious pasta, oregano to flavor a dish or a sprig of mint for your favorite cup of tea. In this article we give you some very useful tips on how to easily grow herbs in your own garden.

Take care alreadytime for enough space in the garden for the herbs to grow

The herbs must of course have enough space to grow and bloom. That is why it is always very wise to make enough space for this in your garden. And always keep in mind that some herbs can grow in all directions faster than others. For example, mint is known to spread quickly in your garden.

grow your own herbs

Sufficient shade by placing a parasol

Have you ever thought about investing in umbrellas? This gives the herbs enough shade when it is needed most during the day. In addition, always have a plant sprayer with water ready next to the herbs, so that your herbs have the perfect balance between sufficient water and sunlight. The result? Your herbs will grow like weeds and maintain the same consistent quality.

Invest in a fence that serves as a nice fence

To prevent your entire garden from becoming full of herbs, and that you even see them jumping up between the wild flowers and other plants in the garden, it is advisable to invest in a beautiful fence in the garden. So always choose a handy fencing for growing herbs. In addition to keeping the herbs neatly in the right place, it also looks neat and tidy. A fencing is available in different types of styles, so that it can be perfectly integrated with the style of the garden.

In short, if you want to grow herbs in your own garden, it is important to pay attention to a number of things. For example, there must be sufficient space and the herbs need sufficient water, sunlight and shade. To finish it off you can have a nice fence installed. What kind of herbs would you most like to grow in your own garden?

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