“Google Pixel 8 Gets Smaller Screen”

Google will release the Pixel 8 later this year and according to the latest rumors, the new flagship smartphone is more compact than its predecessor. Google would like to equip the Pixel 8 with a smaller screen.

Many smartphones nowadays have a screen with a size of about 6.5 inches or even larger. Occasionally a smartphone appears on the market that is slightly more handy. According to tech-nice Ross Young the Google Pixel 8 is one of these devices. He writes that the screen of the Pixel 8 has a size of 6.16-inch, which is a bit smaller than the 6.32-inch screen of the Pixel 7. This isn’t a huge difference, but it’s probably noticeable when you holding the smartphone. According to the source, the Google Pixel 8 Pro will have a 6.7-inch screen again, just like its predecessor.

The introduction of the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will probably not take place until October. So we have to wait a little longer before we can confirm the rumors. Before that time, however, Google will introduce a cheaper smartphone. We will probably see the Google Pixel 7a next month. This device is also rumored to have a relatively small screen with a size of 6.1 inches. It is an OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. Internally, we expect a Tensor G2 processor with 8GB of RAM. The official introduction is likely to take place during Google I/O 2023, which starts on May 10.

through [androidplanet]

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