Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro also available in the Netherlands

With the Google Pixel 7 and Google 7 Pro announced last week, Google shows that it is very serious about competing with Android smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, but of course also with Apple’s iPhone. The Pixel 7 series promises a lot of good: for example, the device is equipped with a new Tensor 2 chipset, which, like its predecessor, is nice and fast, but uses the battery much more economically.

Pixels in the Netherlands

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will also finally be officially available in the Netherlands. That’s nice, because you don’t have to import the device anymore. There is of course the Google Pixel with a subscription, but the smartphones are also immediately available as separate devices for 649 euros and 899 euros respectively. Those are great prices, but do you also get value for money?


If you look at the outside of the device, you have to do your best to distinguish the smartphone from the Pixel 6, its direct predecessor. The dimensions of the screen are a few millimeters smaller and the device has a slightly thinner bezel. The camera bar is also now in silver, instead of the black contrasting bar. Other than that, Google is still completely satisfied with the design of the Pixel range, a position I can agree with. However, I still think they are devices that are on the large side and I sincerely hope for a smaller Pixel 8.


At 6.4 inches, the Pixel 7’s screen is slightly smaller than its predecessor, but the Pixel 7 Pro still has a 6.7-inch screen. However, the brightness has improved considerably: in bright sunlight there is now a peak brightness that has improved by 25%. The refresh rates are still 90 Hz for the Pixel 7 and 120 Hz for the Pixel 7 Pro.

Camera and photos

Under the hood, in addition to the aforementioned Tensor 2 chip, there are many improvements to be found. For example, there is the better selfie camera, which now uses a 10.8 megapixel sensor and is still hidden in a cut-out circle in the screen. The Tensor 2 also offers exciting new photo and video capabilities. What about Cinematic Blur during video recording, the much improved night mode and a new 2x zoom mode that crops based on the image that is shot with the main sensor.


There are also a number of notable improvements in the software area, with a major focus on a better calling experience. That sounds very old-fashioned, but it is certainly not: think, for example, of the Clear Calling function, which can filter out disturbing background noise. Direct My Call is also interesting: a visual representation of the menus that are often presented to you during a call is shown on your screen. Finally, there is the Call Screen feature, which records spam calls and then offers you the choice of whether or not to answer them yourself.


With the new Pixel devices, Google is doing quite well, but it is entering a busy segment of the smartphone market. The fact that the devices are finally available directly via Google in the Netherlands will probably help to give the search giant a firmer foothold in the Netherlands.

This post was created in collaboration with T-Mobile.

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