Google and blogging: does Google know what your blog is about?

google and blogging

Google and blogging.

As a blogger you really can’t do without Google.

After all, Google helps people find your blog.

Google and blogging

You sometimes see it on blogs: lists with keywords of how Google found a blog.

The idea behind those lists is usually bewilderment and hilarity.

How is it possible that people come to your blog in that way.

Haha, Google is so stupid :))

But make no mistake: those keywords are very important!

This is how Google sees your blog

The keywords with which people come to your blog tell how Google sees your blog

They tell you what Google thinks your blog is about!

And if that is something completely different from what you think, then you have a problem. At least, if you want more visitors. If you are a hobby blogger you might not care, but then I don’t think you would be reading this post either.

Google thinks blogging and logging is about coughing up?!

For example, I discovered a while ago that Google apparently thinks Blogging and logging is about stopping cough. Laughing, I went to my husband to tell him how stupid Google was. But then I realised:

‘The joke is on me….’

google and blogging

Because the fact that Google thinks Blogging and logging is about stopping cough means that my SEO or search engine optimization is not in order! Apparently I didn’t state well enough that Blogging and logging is about blogging. In other words:

if Google misunderstands your blog, it has work to do.

Or not?

Although, you can also look at it in another way. If you discover that Google thinks you write good things about, for example, cough stop, you might also think:

‘Apparently I already score well on that subject, let me elaborate on that!’

A species Go with the flow attitude.

So instead of resisting Google’s interpretation of your blog, make it your strength.

Google and blogging: improving your SEO

By the way, I didn’t. I find it very irrational that Google thinks this blog is about stop cough, and I don’t feel like delving into stop cough either. That’s why I started working on my SEO, to make it clear to Google that my blog is about blogging. I do this in the following ways:

  • Using alt tags with blogging keywords on images.
  • H tags with my keywords
  • Internal linking with an anchor text that clearly indicates that it is about blogging.

How can you use Google’s interpretation of your blog to your advantage?

So while it can sometimes be a bit of a shock when you see what Google thinks your blog is about, you can use it to your advantage.

  1. It can be a kind of ‘wake-up call’ to do something about your search engine optimization.
  2. It can open the door for new opportunities and blog post ideas.

Not in my case of coughing up, but if I see, for example, that Blogging and logging is found on the question ‘What does a blog look like?’ then I can write about it. I haven’t made a blog post about that yet! So there are opportunities there.

How do you find out how Google sees your blog?

You can find out how Google sees your blog with Ubersuggest, for example. Under that, choose Keyword research for Keywords on traffic. You can then enter your blog url on the right. You will then see for which keywords your blog ‘ranks’.

google and blogging

Google and blogging in summary

Google and blogging go ‘together like a horse and carriage’. As a blogger, you undoubtedly use Google for your SEO and research, and Google helps people find your blog.

Even with the rise of AI for bloggers, Google continues to play an important role.

In this blog post you read about Google and blogging, and the importance of Google knowing what your blog is about.

And how you as a blogger can and should make that clear to Google!

Because if Google doesn’t know what your blog is about, how are people supposed to find your blog?

On which keywords is your blog found?

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