Going on holiday to Mallorca soon? Here’s the ultimate checklist!

Are you planning to fly to Mallorca? Or are you looking for a nice destination for your next trip? Mallorca, also written as Majorca, is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Did you know that Mallorca is part of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago in Spain? The other islands are Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. When you go on holiday to Mallorca, you will do this by plane. To fly to Mallorca carefree, read our tips here. This way you are well prepared for your trip.

Book your airline tickets via a comparison site and check the airline’s website

It is best to book flight tickets via a VPN connection or via a private browser. Clear your cookies regularly, because sometimes the prices increase the more you look. Always check the airline’s websites. Here you can sometimes see in a perfect overview which data is the cheapest. Suppose you fly a few days later or earlier, this can save hundreds of euros. When you have booked your tickets, a good next step is to arrange parking at the airport.

Parking at the airport

Parking at the airport itself is often relatively expensive. Oddly enough, people don’t always look at an airport parking comparison site. As is very common for airline tickets, this is also becoming increasingly popular for parking. Take parking at Schiphol as an example. When you do this via such a comparison site, you can choose from dozens of parking providers. Most people wouldn’t even have known they had so many options. Prices vary from about 50 to more than 200 euros for about nine days! Moreover, you choose the place that suits you and your car. Do you want to park inside or outside and secured or unsecured? Just like for booking your airline tickets, you can choose from many different options for parking at Schiphol.

Book a hotel in Mallorca

To book a hotel in Mallorca, you can view our hotel top 10. You can also find beautiful places to sleep on the island via a comparison site for overnight stays. Especially on AirBnB you can find special places to spend the night. Are you looking for a hotel? Then you will undoubtedly look at Booking.com. It is also smart to search via an anonymous browser and to look at several times of the day. There are all sorts of smart systems at work to drive up prices just a bit. So don’t be fooled. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets is also monitoring this.

Rental car Majorca

You may not need a car on an island like Mallorca, but it depends on your plans and your stay. If you have a hotel on the coast and you lie in the sun all day, you will manage without a car. But if you want to discover the island, you will need a car. Rent a car in Mallorca in advance and check prices online. Also check the conditions, such as the minimum age of the driver and the minimum number of years that the driver must have his or her driving license.

Plan your transfer from the airport to your accommodation in advance

Are you not renting a car or is the car rental further from the airport? At home you can find out in peace what is the best way to travel from the airport to your destination in Mallorca. This way you save costs, and you immediately know where to go upon arrival. Don’t want any hassle at all? Then you can also ask the hotel if they can pick you up. There are several hotels that offer a shuttle service. This way you will be easily picked up after landing, you will arrive at the hotel and you can also immediately have a drink or go for dinner. This way your holiday can start carefree.

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