Fresh and healthy juice: the Frecious vegetable juices – Miek’s Mind

Fresh and healthy juice: the Frecious vegetable juices – Miek’s Mind

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Fresh and healthy juice, who doesn’t want that? The smoothies and juices from the supermarket are often full of sugars, but that is certainly not the case with the vegetable juices from Frecious. I tested the family box and I’m going to give you more information about these vegetable juices.

Delicious fresh and healthy juice!

It Nutrition Center advises to eat at least 250 grams of vegetables every day. I get there every day since I joined Personal Body Plan. You learn to make very conscious choices and at a certain point you know exactly whether there are mainly carbohydrates, fibers or, for example, fats in what you eat. I did PBP for 2 years and it is now in my system. But I understand very well that not everyone manages to eat 250 grams of vegetables every day. But that’s easy to fix!

Score your daily portion of vitamins in an easy way

Score your daily portion of vitamins with the juices from Frecious. Besides the fact that we actually ‘should’ eat 250 grams of vegetables a day, wanting to live a healthier life is a great goal. We want to exercise more and create some extra awareness about everything you actually put in your mouth. It’s not for nothing that they say: every pound comes through the mouth. And so it is! With the Slowjuice from Frecious you make it a bit easier for yourself. Are you now thinking: ‘Yes, but I don’t want to just drink juices all day’. You certainly don’t have to! The option is of course there, by opting for a detox juice cure, but you can also take them ‘just’ as a snack.

fruit and vegetable juice

Different types of healthy juices in a box

Are you alone, in pairs or do you have a family? It doesn’t matter, there is a juice for every composition and situation. So you have the:

  • Slimming box
  • Afterdetox
  • Beauty box: beauty elixir, granola, protein and Açai
  • Celery challenge box
  • Daily box 20,40 or 60 pieces: a mix of x number of juices
  • Detox juice cure 1,3 or 5 days
  • Family mix box: 30 juices with 16 young Juices, especially for the children
  • Intermittent Fasting 4 weeks
  • Juice & Dinner Detox
  • Loose juices
  • Mild Detox including meal schedule
  • shots
  • Sports box
  • young box
  • Pregnancy box

As you can see: the choice is huge. So I have the family box, but I have no children. I wanted to try different types of juices to see the differences.

delicate young vegetable juice

Start your day with a healthy vegetable juice

How easy is it to grab a fresh vegetable juice from the freezer and start your day with a good portion of vegetables. It comes fresh straight from your freezer and you have some variety. We are now familiar with the standard broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper and green beans. But you don’t eat Jerusalem artichoke, turmeric, bok choy or rhubarb every day, do you?

We often lack that variation in vegetables. You know it: pasta once a week, burritos once a week and… you know where I’m going. That is why Frecious uses 8 to 14 different ingredients per bottle. The main role is therefore vegetables and you also have additions of fruit. There are also 100% hardcore vegetable juices and they are something to swallow. You really have to get used to the taste and I try to drink these 100% juices as quickly as possible. The juices that consist of 70% vegetables are just a bit tastier and often a bit sweeter.

As you read above, there are also pure health shots, protein, granola and Açai.

frecious vegetable juices
A 100% vegetable juice while working from home

Why should you take a vegetable juice?

As I indicate above, the advice is 250 grams of vegetables per day. However, only 5% of the Dutch succeed in doing this. Make sure you eat about 200 grams of vegetables and drink 300 grams of Frecious vegetable juices. That’s fresh! It is not pasteurization, but a shock freezing process, which optimally preserves the nutrients. This way you get more minerals and vitamins and it is therefore really fresh. When we talk about minerals, you can think of magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and sodium. The vitamins A, B1-B2-B3-B6, C and E can be found in the juices, which all contribute to your energy metabolism, digestion and taking care of your skin from the inside out. So all of this is better than that Multi vitamin pill AZ you might be taking.

fresh and healthy vegetable juice
A Frecious 70% vegetable juice for on the go

Detox time!

Sometimes a detox is really necessary. Your body naturally cleanses itself, but your body can’t do everything either. You are exposed to stress, exhaust fumes, cleaning products and processed food. Add all of that together and the effect it has on your mind and body is quite impressive. Such a 3- or 5-day detox takes a while, but gives immediate results. The mild variant is for people who cannot suddenly stop eating solid food or for athletes. Do you have to do it all alone? Certainly not. The recharge app and the support by email will guide you through it.

All juices have been developed thanks to the Syrian chef Odai and orthomolecular nutritionist Annick. Frecious can increasingly be found at workshops, masterclasses, events and spa days.

Healthy juice from Frecious: my experience

I myself took 1 juice every day as an extra intake in addition to my 200 grams of vegetables. My friend and I have tried all vegetable juices and of course both have a different taste. As I mentioned above, I found the 100% vegetable juices intense, but that was something to swallow .. and continue. I liked the sweeter juices the best. I can definitely recommend the juices and are therefore suitable for the whole family. Just load up your freezer and give your kids a juice to school, instead of Fristi or ranja, for example. Are you busy in the morning and do you skip breakfast 9 out of 10 times? Then these juices are ideal to take with you. Drinking on the bus, train or car: it can be done anywhere!

Want to know more about these juices? You can order the vegetable juices from Frecious herer.

Love, Mike

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