Free 10 GB full-featured Internxt cloud storage

Free 10 GB full-featured Internxt cloud storage

Storing files in the cloud has skyrocketed in recent years. Thanks to the fast internet connections we have in the Netherlands, online files can be opened from Finder as if they were stored locally on your Mac. Internxt is a cloud service from Spain, which has been offering online storage at very competitive prices since 2020.

At Internxt you can opt for a monthly/annual subscription or take out a life-time plan. In that case you pay a one-off amount, after which you can use the cloud storage for life. Internxt temporarily gives a 50% discount on all life-time plans. This allows you to purchase 2 TB of cloud storage for life for only € 149.00 (offer valid until April 24, 2023).

Internxt also offers a free cloud storage with all functionality and a storage of 10 GB, very interesting to try out.

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