Fortinet research: shortage of security skills leads to significantly more security incidents

The number of organizations experiencing five or more security incidents will rise to 53% by 2022, and 68% of all organizations cannot find enough staff for IT functions

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), the global leader in cybersecurity and the driving force behind the convergence of networking and security technology, today releases its 2023 Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report. The researchers also questioned Dutch companies. This shows that organizations continue to face problems due to the shortage of security skills. An estimated 3.14 million people are needed to close the global security personnel shortage. The 2023 Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report shows that the number of organizations experiencing five or more security incidents increased by a whopping 53% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Many security teams are currently understaffed. This makes it very difficult for them to analyze the thousands of security alerts they receive every day. In addition, they are faced with the task of managing a diverse range of security solutions that they use to keep their equipment, systems and data safe.

The report shows that 68% of all organizations are unable to fill IT vacancies due to security talent shortage. This further increases cyber risks. Other risks due to this deficiency include:

  • Security breaches are on the rise: One of the risks is the increasing likelihood of intruders. 84% of all organizations experienced one or more security breaches in the past year. In the previous year this was still 80%.

  • More organizations suffered financial loss from security incidents: Nearly 50% of all organizations experienced security incidents in the past year that cost more than $1 million to resolve. This is a significant increase compared to last year’s 38%.

  • Cyberattacks will continue to increase: 65% of all organizations expect the number of cyberattacks to increase in the next 12 months. This reinforces the need to find people who can fill critical security positions.

  • The skills shortage is a major concern for boards: According to the Fortinet report, 93% of all boards want to know how their organization is protecting against cyber-attacks. No fewer than 83% advocate the appointment of more security employees.

Provide more opportunities for women and minorities

According to the report, organizations are looking for ways to tap into new pools of talent to fill security positions. But while eight in ten organizations say they have diversity goals in their recruitment, about 40% struggle to find qualified candidates among women and minorities. According to the report, there was only a 1% increase in the number of organizations hiring women (88% in 2021 and 89% in 2022) or minorities (67% in 2021 and 68% in 2022).

Upskilling and talent development through training

According to the research report, employers recognize that training and certification can provide their organization with a solution to the skills shortage. This can also be useful for people who want to boost their career in the security sector or want to make a career switch. Important research findings regarding training are:

  • Certifications are highly sought after by employers: Employers don’t just look at the experience of candidates. They see training and certification as reliable proof of their skills. 90% of all managers prefer candidates with technical certifications. Last year it was only 81%. Furthermore, 90% of the respondents are willing to invest in training for their employees so that they can obtain a security certification.

  • Both professionals and organizations benefit from certifications. 82% of all respondents say their organization would benefit from cybersecurity certifications. 95% of all managers have experienced positive results from their team’s or their own certification.

  • There are not enough certified professionals: Although certifications are highly regarded by employers, over 70% of all respondents say they have difficulty finding people who have them.

Vincent Zeebregts, Regional Director Netherlands at Fortinet: “The shortage of cybersecurity talent represents a significant risk for organizations, according to Fortinet’s latest Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report. Organizations therefore need solutions that ease the workload of overworked security teams through automation. In addition, they must maintain their focus on upskilling and offering security training.”

Fortinet’s pursuit of solutions to the security talent shortage

To overcome the security skills shortage, Fortinet helps organizations improve cyber risk management. It does this with machine learning-driven automation and security services and by providing organizations with access to security training. Fortinet has committed to provide 1 million people with cybersecurity training by 2026. Through retraining and upskilling, it aims to improve access to security professionals and untapped pools of talent.

About the Fortinet Skills Gap Study

This research is the result of interviews with more than 1,800 IT or cybersecurity decision makers in 29 countries, including the Netherlands. Respondents were active in companies across a range of industries, including technology (21%), manufacturing (16%), and financial services (13%).

Additional information

  • Learn more about the 2023 Global Skills Gap Report and ways the Fortinet Training Institute contributes to solutions to the key issues it addresses in this blog.

  • Learn more about Fortinet’s free cybersecurity training, including comprehensive security awareness and product training. Under the Fortinet Training Advancement Agenda (TAA), the Fortinet Training Institute provides training and certification based on the Network Security Expert (NSE) Certification, Academic Partner, and Education Outreach programs.

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