Football history in 2004: Greece wins European Championship

A football fairy tale. The Greece national football team made football history on July 4, 2004. Portugal was allowed to organize the European Championship in 2004, with a young Cristiano Ronaldo in the ranks. The German Otto Rehhagel was at the helm as national coach of Greece. The country was given a marginal role by the media given the history prior to the tournament. Greece was also in the group with Portugal, Spain and Russia. An almost impossible task, they thought. It turned out not much later that revenge is sweet.

Road to victory

Do you want to relive the 2004 tournament? View all highlights of the matches from the group stage to the final. Includes Greek commentary for the optimal experience.

The tournament course

Greece was allowed to start the tournament against hosts Portugal. And then it was immediately high, because the Greeks triumphed 2-1. Totally against the ratio. The next great performance followed against Spain, against which they managed to draw 1-1. Despite a loss against Russia, Greece managed to qualify for the quarter-finals. France was allowed to compete against the Greeks. With Henry, Trezeguet and Zidane, among others, France seemed to win this easily. Fortunately, games are decided on the field, not on paper. It was Charisteas (him again) who scored a winning header and Greece was through to the semi-finals. The Czechs had sharpened their knives for the semi-finals. But it remained a bloodless 0-0 for a long time. Defender Dellas took the victory with another header, in extra time. The Greeks turned out to be extremely effective in this tournament with minimal resources.

Greece in the final of a major final tournament. Who would have thought that. Just like in the group stage, it was also allowed to play against Portugal this time. It was Angelos Charisteas who headed in the winning goal (as it turned out later) in the 57th minute. At the expense of Portugal, it was the Greeks who were allowed to hold up the cup for the first time in history. Against all expectations. This memorable football moment is still quoted every year on July 4th.

Watch football in Greece As you often see in Greece: following the match on a TV on the terrace of the taverna.

A final tournament during the holidays

It always gives an extra dimension to your holiday when a major final tournament such as a World Cup or European Championship is underway. When the Dutch national team has to play, you will certainly find Orange supporters in a number of bars at your destination. Or if Greece has to play itself and you can support the Greeks. It’s always nice to experience it in a different way on foreign soil.

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